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100th Post! > Deepavali

This is the 100th entry since the existence of this blog on 19th August 2005. How time flies..

Yesterday was Deepavali and I spent the entire day with friends celebrating the festival of light.

Woke up at 11 and went to Bavany's house for Deepavali. Had lunch there.

^ Horny Michael and Adrian at the back.

^ Shih Mun was unlucky to accidentally have curry dripped on his pants.

^ Some of peeps that were there too.

^ Bavany and I.

^ Another one. =P

^ Cheese!

^ Bav's mom was telling some story about her doggy to Shih Mun. So cute!

^ Mike's "lala" wrist band bought from Las Vegas. Show off! =P

^ Jacqueline posing with Bavany, Bavany's mom, and Bavany's sister, Dak.

^ The girls. Posers!

At 4, we left Bav's crib for a movie at Sunway Pyramid.

^ Jacq insisted to take a picture of my mini Kelisa with a flower she just plucked at a bush. >.<

^ Jacqueline the cute donkey/ducky. =P

^ Jin Li. What is she doing? =/

^ Chris' car with the others inside.

^ Denise and Bavany spotted the camera was aiming at them. So they posed.

We watched the Transporter 2 and played a game of snooker before heading for Puvana's Deepavali celebration at his house. He invited about 60 over people to his house for dinner.

^ Vee Lyn, Aeni, and Penny were there too.

^ Shih Mun striking a lala pose. =P

^ Playing Chor Dai Di.

^ Ain and I. Crap I looked retarded. >.< (Picture courtesy of Penny)

^ After a couple of hours spent eating, we headed inside. These people are playing cards but not gambling.

^ Another group was.

^ Mike can't resist posing with his horny look whenever he sees the camera. Posing here is Puvana, the host.

^ Jacq and Puvana.

I reached home at 12 after sending Mike, Jin Li, Jacq, and Bav home. For the first time, my car travelled more than 300km with a full tank.

Slept not long after I got home.

Here, I would like to extend my gratitude to Bavany and Puvana for inviting me to their Deepavali house warming. I enjoyed myself and greatly most of all the Indian food served! Thanks! =)

Just got home from dinner at Sri Melur Restaurant in USJ 16 together with Puvana. My family was out shopping at One Utama since afternoon.
I didn't follow cause I was sleeping. I woke up at 5PM and that totalled up a 17 hours of sleep. >.<

Just realised I've wasted so much time sleeping the past few days. Now only that, I had too many days of hiatus from studying already, so now I've gotta repay the time lost.

Back to the books.


ryn said…
wow. congratulations on your 100th entry! i still have a long way to go! post 34.

omg. 17 hours of sleep! that's... bad.
not like i'm the right one to say it though :P

and happy studying! you can do it :D
vpws said…
haha thanks! :) 34!? i tot more..

bad? lolx~ yeah quite, i supposed.. :P anyway thks for the concern.. hehe!

haha i hope studying is something happy-ish.. den i would hav the so-called happy studying~ haha! tq agn btw! :)
-akxj- said…
ehehe 100 adi ..i am at 64 i think..=) eheh wow! you really got alot of pictures ..
vpws said…
got more 1.. but i kesian all da 512k and 56k users so i put less pics.. haha!

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