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Oh I've found a new session of blogging - early in the morning when the sun is shining bright up in the sky. This once in a while will replace the usual time when wolves are howling at the moon.

It's amazing how badly screwed up my sleep is. I replaced nap with sleep and sleep with nap. It's a good thing though. (I bet you're thinking "this guy's nuts")
Seriously, it works - especially when SPM is coming. I'll wake up at 8AM feeling darn fresh just like after waking up from an afternoon nap, and I'll sleep at 4PM (ending of the last SPM papers of almost everyday) just like any normal bedtime.

2 days left. 47 hours to be exact. I've just started revising Physics, the most important subject if I want to be a pilot. So far I've failed almost every Physics papers in school examination but I somehow managed to attain a credit for trials. I'm not hopeless, just plain lazy - and caught up with other things in life (such as blogging).

I predict myself singing the song Bad Day by Daniel Powter for the next 21 days.


For those who don't read the papers, check this out :

Police made me strip, says Chinese national

PETALING JAYA: A 35-year-old housewife claimed she was forced to strip at a police station in Sungai Buloh, and that several policemen and policewomen there had also taken her money.

This alleged incident and a complaint by a remisier that an investigating officer at the district police headquarters here had asked for a bribe surfaced barely a week after all police contingents were supplied with button badges against graft.


Using a hand gesture, the policeman allegedly demanded RM500 from them.

“Since both of us were carrying valid passports, we refused to give the policeman anything. We were then taken to the police station,” she said.

The housewife claimed that when they arrived at the police station, a policewoman took five pieces of RM10 notes from her handbag. The money was divided among four police personnel.

She added that during a body search at the station, she was instructed to take off her clothes.

“A policewoman grabbed my breast and slapped me when I blushed.

“I was then forced to take off my undergarments and do five ear squats.

“I saw a policeman peeping then,” she said, adding that the room door was shut tight only when she screamed.

When her husband showed up later at the police station with their marriage certificate, the investigating officer also refused to consider the document as genuine.


Speaking of disappointments..


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Asyraf Lee said…
Most of policemen/women in Malaysia are hopeless.

Owh heck, ISA going to catch me.
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
haha don't worry.. if they gonna catch u juz for that truthful remark, they would've to catch the whole nation.. :P
Liz said…
I haven't started Physics.....

... And I've been failing it for every school examination too ....

Conclusion: I'm screwed.

Err, anyway, shouldn't be talking about myself here, hehehe. Wah, the policemen damn teruk ...

Anyway ... good luck for your SPM k ... lol
vpws said…
Lolx.. Guess what? I didn't too. I was basically sleeping the whole day. :(

Aww, don't worry, SPM will be easier, according to government papers lar. =)

I think your "screwed" is a "pembolehubah dimanipulasikan", so got chance! Hehe~

Lolx, cheers~ ;)

Thanks! You too! lol
Itscheryl said…
i wanted to post this in my blog also
was about to find it...
but then ur blog come in very handy..
i dont even have to look for it hehehehe

i was so pissed to read this
damn i wanna slap those police people
vpws said…
Ooh, haha sure sure~ ;)

Yealah! Until now still haven't settle.. :(

Post it in your blog so can find awareness! Haha~ =P

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