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Which phone?

Few weeks ago, I was deciding on which phone to buy after SPM.
With a limited budget and strong urge for higher technology, I did some research and drop myself down to a few options :

^ Samsung SGH D500

^ Nokia 7610

^ Sony Ericsson K750i

^ Nokia 3230

^ LG G262

^ Nokia 6230i

^ Samsung SGH E720

And finally, I've made my decision!
I'm now aiming for a..

^ Sony Ericsson K750i! Woohoo~

^ Can't resist its 2.0 Megapixel camera with Flash & Autofocus, and a maximum external memory storage of up to 2 Gigabytes!

Try its 3D simulator here!
And an interactive presentation for the phone here!

At RM1500, this is a phone to die for! =D I just can't wait! But there's SPM to go through first.. :(


aman23 said…
K750 rocks :D

everything except 4 3G.. screw 3G :D
after all it's still new here and it wont kick off so early. wanna know why? just ask me on why NOT to buy a 3G phone now :p
aman23 said…
btw u 4got one thing.. with 32MB built in and 64MB bundled! :p

btw if u wanna go buy phone.. call me along.. i can get some good deals.. :)

y not go with ryn so that can get bigger discount? :D
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
yeah it does! :)

haha screw 3G! it's so expensive ler.. i think bile kerja only et one 3G phone lar.. lolx :P errr, y not? :P

haha yeah i know.. i juz added the main features that attracted me.. hehe~ afterall i'm using a 128MB memory stick so i can juz use it to transfer files fast... although it's big.. hehe~

good deals? seriously? where!? haha i tot of getting from my mom's friend shop! haha~ :P when do u wanna get ur phone? :P

hehe~ true true.. go all together den we tahpau discount kau kau ok? haha!
aman23 said…
haha it's because it's gonna be expensive.. n it's only a hit among our generation, u think the old generation (our parents) care less about 3G? they say lagi leceh ada la! so without their money (well they're d ones dat can buy exp things.. n use exp services) the 3G tech won't expand thus stunting the growth or 3G.. and video call is leceh to use.. need 2 hold d fone in front.. n whats the point on streaming video on small screens for d fun of it? haha..
aman23 said…
unless ur travelling that's a diff story.. but basically it's d money factor.. only high paying working ppl can afford to pay for the mobile surfing n stuff.. ;) so.. wait till our generation replaces our parents, then I'll get 3G. :)

not to say dirt cheap.. but good price n original set la. maybe there are cheaper.. i don't konw. u buy la from ur mum's fren shop with ryn. :).

me? i not buying any new phone.. just helping out with you guy's purchases :)
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
yeap that's what i was thinkin too.. getting a 3G phone now is not really recommended as i believe there're gonna b higher tech 3G phone comin up drastically later in da future.. another 4 years from now, a 3G phone bought now will b like a 3310 now.. hahaha!

haha yeah because all these while we bought our phone all from that shop.. so we kinda know da owner adi.. last year we bought 3 phones at once.. haha~ i'll c how thing goes lar, n incase if i need u help, i hope u wont mind.. :)

thanks for the help anyway~ :)
Roshan said…
vpws, where u usually buy ur phones? wanna buy together ar? i wanna buy the day bio paper ends! haha
nigel said…
3G is so lagging u dont need it.......didnt u see on the news during raya.......they were using 3G to show the PM's god.....its soooooooooooooooooooooooo hopeless......and how did this turn into a 3G chat its supposed to be bout pang's phone..... ~_____~' haha anyways.....for handphones.....i only got 1 thing to u need those functions.....and do u use your phone....answer that and thats the answer to your phone haha btw good choice of a phone ;)
aman23 said…
it's not about d tech.. more like about the money spent on expanding 3G technology.. definitely OUR (as in students) money won't go to 3G.. as it is expensive and we're not having a stable job.. and forget about our parents using 3G.. they don't even give a damn about it. my cousin who assembles SE phones, he has a z800, k750,w800 and p910, and has a 3G simcard, d z800 is not his first choice.
eujean said…
vincent, samsung! take samsung!....i wanted the e720 u noe....but no radio...take e730 la.....
jO-LynN said…
good choice, good choice!!
my classmate Ai Pheng has one..and it's really nice..we sure did loads of photoslutting with it.. it's a very nice phone..!
good choice, dear! *smiles proudly at Vincent*
vpws said…
hehe i buy at a phone shop in ss19.. wah so early!? i gotta wait for my mom to get her bonus 1st.. :(

wah serious? i didnt even know.. crap i'm so outdated.. >.<
haha yeah that's true.. hmm do i use da functions? YES i do!! hahaha~ yeap thanks man! i bet u have a betta phone.. ish~

nothing else matters:
haha yeah but technology will alwiz upgrade n reach diff higher levels over time rite?
W800!? omggggg *drops jaw*
ur cousin chun lah! haha~
so da best thing now is say TAK NAK to 3G! hahaha!

nah da samsung 1 is not wat i want.. summore 720 is da older version o the latest 730 which is betta.. summore it's almost da same price as da K750i.. i prefer K750i for its functions.. :) afterall, i dislike clamshell phones.. >.<

haha thank u thank u..
ai pheng, sounds familiar.. lolx!
yeah i know i heard it's a really good phone especially its 2MP camera! :P hehehe!
hey when i got da phone adi we photoslut 2gether okie!? hahaha! :)
*smiles wide and shine back to jojo* =D
nigel said…
haha me better phone??u kidding ar???????i hardly even use my phone since 2 years ago when we all lepak pyramid everyday >.< gila man.... .....laterla....after SPM ..u lar everytime fong fei kei haha...
nola dont blame u...i too glued to my pc and ps2...XD .....haha later after exam la .....damn near adi rite ;)
Roshan said…
i went to lau yat plaza today... n70 zitron for rm 2.2k. im gonna buy it! cant wait
vpws said…
really? haha! still using dat 3530 huh? yala u la crazy everyday wanna go pyramid coz GL there.. hehehehe! :P c i still rmb! :)

hehe after SPM got alot chances 1 mar~ ;) stop wif ur PC n PS2 la SPM in 9 days.. :( scary leh..

omg.. u blardee rich a** b*st*ard! hahaha~ :P
-akxj- said…
lol ..i havent heard of e730 ..hmm..gonna check it that lg phone looks nice!
sadomasochist said…
ei, im back from holiday..dats y din blog..hiatus neways.. eh eh..belilah samsung. samsung bagus. samsung teh pwn!! get samsung sgh-z500. sweet!!
nigel said…
woi ......apa GL haha ........yeala SPM damn soon......cannot study la....what also tak masuk my head haha >.< im soooo dead ....haha yea still the same cacated phone lar....besides i so yong sui no need camera la....break the lens ~________~
well yea yea 9 days
vpws said…
it's out already with better functions than 720.. but i still think 720 looks better.. alot!
dat LG phone very cantik but functions not outstanding enuff..

hehe icic.. holidaying.. ish so nice.. :(

but i dun like clamshell leh.. very da mahfan.. ><

haha don't tell me u 4got abt it already~ hahaha!

alamak mana ada yong sui.. got alot yong sui ppl perasan they yeng but u pulak sebaliknya =.=

hehe single digit liaoz.. die lor.. same case ere.. >< safe meeeee!!
ryn said…
the flip phones look nice! samsung e720 was one of my choices before i kicked it out and decided on the pink samsung one :P

and sorry for commenting so late -.- i'm not so active in the blogging world :(
vpws said…
really? 730 is better.. haha anyway, infos abt samsung phones can b found in ur comment pages.. thx 2 the anonymous guy.. haha~ :P

it's ok it has never been an obligation.. haha! dont work too hard n stress urself 2 much k? :) hehe!
sadomasochist said…
ryn:pink samsung? e530? im using the blue one..rawks..
samsung e530 n e730 is the same price ler..e530 lesser functions but more gaya than e730..
vpws said…
rich kid.. ><
sadomasochist said…
wtf..i got say nething "rich" here meh...?? who da rich bitch now..getting k750 all..
vpws said…
haha chill la.. u got good phone much earlier wat.. i'm now using a 3120 only u know? :( afterall if ur phone same price wif e730 den it's abt RM1200, which is abt the same price as k750i (1500).. sama sama lar~ ;)
sadomasochist said…
pris..i get the phone oso free wan ok..from samsung..T_T i where got money to buy?? *sob*
vpws said…
OH! haha~ dat thing.. now only i know~ hahaha!

free phone.. :( unfair wei!
Anonymous said…
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