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Aunt's Birthday

I bet some of you must be wondering about my absence for the past two days. On the 19th I was in Malacca celebrating my aunt's birthday, and on the 20th I was out the entire day. Couldn't find time to blog 'cause I was too exhausted with the sardine-packed travelling and event schedules.

Last Saturday(19th) was my aunt's birthday dinner. All these while, I don't really know her name and I rely on the 'panggilan' "mak ehm". She's my grandmother's first-husband's son's wife. A little complicated huh? There were about 100 over relatives that turned up at the dinner.

I'll proceed with the pictures to do the talking. :)

^Sorry, the trip to Malacca was really boring.

^4 people cramming the backseat of a Hyundai Matrix can cause butt-aches. Bumpy roads caused the shaky hands.

^L-R - My sisters with Cousin Russell trying to join the picture. Cousin Grace and my sisters (again).

^Clockwise from Top Left - Cousin Russell. My brother, and Cousin David. My father and birthday girl woman. Nephew Ah Lun.

^Clockwise from Top Left - Cousin Pei Pei and niece Lum Lum. This is what happened when you have three drunk-ees on the stage :P. Cousin Justin and my brother. My brother fascinated with the aunties on stage.

^A few of the dishes served.

^Clockwise from Left Top - My family without my father, with cousin Grace and birthday aunt. Birthday cake with the stage backdrop. Cake cutting ceremony right after the shortest 'laungan' "Yam Seng" I ever heard ><.

^L-R - Dad and Uncle Roger loosing their breath in the Karaoke session. Niece Mei Mei.

^Clockwise from Top Left - Back in the house in Kampung Machap Bharu, with 50 relatives jam-packed the house - majorities are kids, so the house was like Pasar Malam that night. Niece Mei Mei again. Cousin Grace. My mom and dad.

^Clockwise from Top Left - Cousin Roy and my sister. My sister and Cousin David. Cousin Grace and my sisters. Cousin David, niece Mei Mei and my sister.

It's really nice to have such gathering once in awhile. I'll be able to meet my relatives and keep up with their on-goings. I'm really blessed to have born into this unique bloodline - inheriting the Chinese Straits (a.k.a. Baba Nyonya) blood and practicing its culture. I'm still trying to learn the Baba Nyonya language though. =P

I shall go back to my Moral books now.


-KeNt- said…
kaka...Kampung Machap Bharu ... where is it..? >.< ... Ur family tree VERY big sial...
-akxj- said…
...ahaha you know y la..
vpws said…
-KeNt-:somewhere in malacca lor.. got Lions Club of Machap Bharu there.. hehe! :P it's the richest town in malacca..

/swt.. lolx~
tinylola said…
haha as for u i assume there were too much good food = more food pictures ;P
haha, we are having the time of our lifes in the middle of this dreadful exam

okay maybe it not dreadful... its okay la just getting in my way when im having fun ;(
btw i will be going sunway laggoon on friday!!! muahahahha
I am so gonna get colourful results =X
tinylola said…
hehe cousin Pei Pei?? ;P
btw i like that baby octopus *lidako*
Liz said…
good luck for moral~!!!

Fun weekend you had, huh? Hehe ...
vpws said…
tinylola:Hehehe, not neccessary. :P I'll still post most of the pictures of the event up. =P Yeah, that's true! Well, we gotta chill sometimes right? :P

WAH..... you're crazy.. Well, you don't have that many exams after Addmaths paper right? :P So fun! Wuakakaka!

Hehe, just a mere co-incidence.. :P
Yeah, now I remember what is it called! Wuakakaka! :P

Thank you!!!
Good luck to you too!

Yeah, quite.. ;) Hehe~
tinylola said…
haha after add maths i have econs and acc
acc is pretty okay, but econs is really dry.. anyway muahaha!

haha u mean the lidako?? haha yea
i so long nv eat dy ;P
seems like im chilling most of the time
haha.. all the best to us =D
vpws said…
ooh, shouldnt be that bad right compared to the science kids.. chemistry and biology.. i'm scared.. :(
anyway, just revise a little, bet u're really good in them b4 dis.. :)

haha okok we go makan next time okie? heard that they're expensive.. ><

haha same here.. chillin while studying.. :P
thanks.. all da best to us! :)
tinylola said…
haha... i managed to remember those 36 nilai's today!! weeEeeEEee
i have gone thru everything... hoping it to be vivid in my memory like those moral nilais... hehe

the bad part... i havent gone thru add maths at all!!!!!!!!!! God help me!!
vpws said…
aman23:Haha okay thanks! :)

Really!? Unfair! I'm memorizing their definitions word to word.
Hehe.. I'm gonna finish mine soon.

Don't worry, we're on the same path. The only difference is that your add maths before this was quite good, while mine is BAD! >< Hehe~ don't worry, I'm sure you'll do just fine - perhaps excellently.
tinylola said…
haha me too!! those bagi and untuk
kesejateraan kesanggupan and keyakinan stuff is confusing me
hehe!! well, at lease u got ample of time left whereas i dont

anyway, gonna sleep early and let those stuff sink into my brain
hopefully they can come out tomolo
sweet dreams!
vpws said…
Yeap yeap! I'm alright with those nilais.. just the definitions..

haha, depending on what time i'm waking up 2molo.. >:P

yeah u betta do.. get ur sufficient rest..
dont worry they will..

gudluck wif ur papers! :)

sweetdreamz! :)
Anonymous said…
You don't know me but I wish I am young again. As young as you are, handsome young man. he ! he !

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