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8 is just a number

SPM - 8 more days.

     Still no progress.

Sunday is a day to laze around rather than working your a** off.
Played FIFA 2005 with brother after I woke up at 6PM. Yeap, still stuck with my upside-down sleeping cycle. Planning to modify my cycle back to normal starting tonight - so no matter what, I'm making myself sleep by 12 midnight later.

^ EF2000 Eurofighter Typhoon. Isn't it a real beauty? It's my latest desktop wallpaper. Replaced the old one last night.

I'm going all crazy over aviation topics lately. Not forgetting Pussycat Dolls too! XD

The last 3 official days of Secondary school for the form five's will commence tomorrow. Then it's SPM already.
I am so gonna miss the memories gained throughout my secondary school life. =(

Life goes on anyway.


suzanne said…
wot...good luck for ur spm!! really! gogogo!
vpws said…
haha really appreciate it, thanks! :)

bet u're having lotsa fun at this time of da year! ehehehe~
aman23 said…
haha.. i'm only going to school tmr :p
-akxj- said…
i have seen the military airplane programme in ch.50 that day..the eurofighter typhoon is going to be outdated ad right?
vpws said…
nothing else matters:
ish.. of coz u are lar! dun wan ur SPM slip ar!? haha~ :P c u 2molo den.. haha!

oh.. icic.. i think i saw it too.. haha.. typhoon is not gonna b outdated lar.. its production is on the rise n will b distributed by 2008.. :P so next is the F-18 which is 2010.. ;)
F-16 is quite outdated lar.. haha~

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