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Disastrous Mathematics & Piercings

Why is the paper so easy all these while turned out the opposite today? ><
I sucked in Mathematics, enough said.


I'm not supposed to be here. Instead, I should be doing Physics workbooks.
   *Points a finger at you*
Yes, you too, if you're taking the exam tomorrow! *shakes head*


My dear friend Sheela Khaw dreamt of me last night. She dreamt of me successfully piercing three different parts on my nose. OMG WTH right!?

The delusive situation in her dream recalled a series of memory at the time when I was still naive and immature.

Let's take an example, an actual conversation that took place between my parents and I:

Me : Mummy, can I pierce my ears?
Mom : No!
Me : But why?
Mom : No means no!
Me : My friends are piercing theirs also!
Mom : Don't disturb me, go and ask your dad.

Me : Pa, can I pierce my ears?
Dad : CAN......... but don't you EVER dare to step back into the house!
Me : -.-"

Till now, I'm still 'clean'. =P


thecw said…
i'm not taking PHYSICSSS ;D
SIX days break! WOOOOOOOOO-hooo!
Liz said…
um, this isn't my blog, but thecw: LUCKY dude you are. T.T

Yeah, maths sucked for me also le. Especially maths 2, though everybody was saying that it was easy ... lol
Nigel said…
haha no need to pierce la pang .......when u dont have it u want it but when u have it you'll never want to wear it me haha I DID IT >.< lol
physics..........mati tomorrow....~______~ can recommend me some1 to make a nice coffin for me??
aman23 said…
lol y wanna pierce?

later drop by my blog about my experience in maths 2.. damn gile
tinylola said…
haha, Im on a break too!! but not for long ;(
Dont worry future Captain Pang, Ill support you! Therefore i'll like to wish you all the best for Physics!

As for maths... im sure ull get thru it, this im sure there will be a drop in the standard *cheers*
tinylola said…
oh btw i realised you got photos attached to the links!! hehe nice!!
ryn said…
LOL vincent, i never knew u wanted to pierce! hahahaha. i can just imagine you wei! with the pierced ear. can look like a big big taiko if u glare! :P
thecw said…
thanks ryn :) LIfe's good!
vpws said…
Argh! Unfair! :(

Actually, it's a dudette.. Lolx~

Haha yeah big crap. Maths 1 was not bad so I thought it will be an easy A. Once completed my paper 2, I took back my thoughts.. >< Anyway, what's over is over, we'll see how it goes March next year.. :P

Haha, that's true. That's why I refrained myself from doing so. BTW, yes EVERYONE knows that, it's like so obvious since back in 2003.. :P

Yeah! Die die die! :( I think it's cheaper if you head on to the nearest DIY store and buy some planks, hammer and nails.. :P

BTW, c'mon man, please don't be a six feet under good friend. :P

Nah, dulu-dulu hangat tahi ayam wanna pierce lah.

Haha alright! :)

Another lucky kid! :( So unfair! Haha~

Thanks anyway! This is THE ONE subject I'll need to ace..

Thank you thank you! *grins*

Haha, do you want me to change your photo? Hehe. Thanks anyway.. thought about it 3 days before SPM! :P

Hahahahaha.. Maybe? I still look innocent right? :P Will be very few pierced kid with curly hair. Look at those yeng lala hair Dwayne and Gavin have. So jealous! :(

Err, I think it's Liz instead of ryn.. :P
ryn said…
vincent. hahaha yeah! now dat u mentioned it. curly haired guys wit pierced ears? kinda funny :P yes u definitely need that yeng lala hair. haha lala hair is so stylish :\ im a lala hair closet fan :P
vpws said…
Haha that's the point.. :P but you won't know until I try it right? Maybe I can shave myself bald too! :P
tinylola said…
hehe, nah the pics fine
it must have took u a while too get it done
hehe i like the idea =D
thecw said…
oh no.. i've been seeing things wrongly OMG!!
my modmaths paper 1 i saw "X" instead of "Z" can u believe it? dammn the sudut! got mistake d? :"(
vpws said…
hehe alrite.. :) just abt the same answer as ur sis.. hehe! :P
yeap it did.. about 3 hours like that.. 2 hours just to find those pictures.. OMG it's damn hard to find wei..

wahhh.. don't worry lar what's over is over rite!? afterall it's only maths.. one mark wont make much different since u're pro in maths.. :P chill dudette! there's moral coming! :)
tinylola said…
oh she did? haha
sisters will always be sisters
same thinking i guess

haha i can imagine how hard it was
not onli finding but editing and etc.
vpws said…
Haha! If you don't believe just check the latest comments in the previous post! :P Wicked! Haha~

Haha, it's all about the passion of blogging! :P
Asyraf Lee said…
Wow, that is one cool dad you have there :P
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
Haha.. Yes meh? :P Thanks on his behalf :P
Jefei said…
haha, i pierced my ear while i was on freakin band camp man! Haha.. my mum was kinda shocked when she noticed, which was like 2 hours after i got back when we were having dinner
vpws said…
OMG and what's their response? I bet you got grounded for a year. :P

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