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SPM!? *Important*

OMG OMG OMG! Guess what!?

My private tuition teacher called me last night!

This was the conversation:

Teacher : Eh Vincent, u there?
Me : Yes teacher.. Why suddenly call one?
Teacher: I tell you something, then you help do me a favour okay?
Me: Ah? For what? Okay lah okay lah, what favour?
Teacher : Help to spread it to your friends that's in the same tuition one.
Me: Wah, spread what wor? Anthrax ah?
Teacher : No, this morning, got pegawai call me, got SOALAN BOCOR!
Me: OMG OMG OMG!!! Serious ah teacher!? I love you man!
Teacher : Okay good, just go to the website that I sms you later.
Me: Okay, thanks teacher!

Crap I didn't believe it at first. I thought that bugger was joking because he's the most sporting and funniest teacher I ever had. So I thought it was some joke he cracked to make us chill from all the study stress.

It's time to share the link with all SPM candidates. Please spread it around. I hope it'll benefit you as much as it will for me. Please note that I do not guarantee its accuracy.


Roshan said…
ayorr... at first i really thought that got soalan bocor! btw, if there is soalan bocor,never put it or a link to it on ur blog!
vpws said…
hahaha! :P gotcha! :P

yeap i know that.. i tot ppl will suspect it's a fraud.. that's y i terpaksa put BUTTON instead of LINK to confuse ppl~ ;) hehehe!

gud morning btw~ ;)
Asyraf Lee said…
babi lu vincent :P

I thought it was real. Eh, but I did get the sms about questions for BM paper 2 :P
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
Haha, Sorry dude. :)

Serious!? Share with me lah!! Haha~
nigel said…
haha who would believe that??lol i dont think any teacher would purposely find vincent for that right??haha and the goverment is not smart enuf to make buttons look at their website la its like a gradeschool production using windows version 3.something(before 95) haha whatever good luck man its tomorrow haha HAPPY FAILING
jiat said…
swt..exactly, how could they ever put it up in the net, and how would u ever post ur conversation with that teacher on the net?swt..i know u'r noob, but i dun think u'r THAT S2PID to post it up..haha!btw, good luck in ur spm!dun worry and be confident to sit the paper!21 more days and its over, our secondary school days are over!freedom?Hmm...take care!
vpws said…
Well, apparently some did.. :P Haha, well, there are some certain cases.. And students of my tuition will know.. :)

Hehe thanks, you too! :)

Hehe, at least you didn't fall for it :) But I'm pretty sure you at least clicked that button right? Haha!
Thanks man, same to you!

Temporary freedom, that is.. :) And it wont be freedom at all if you know you did bad for SPM. =P
You take care too! ;)
Irina said…

i fell for it.

that's just how desperate i am, i guess. skimmed thru ur entries, and hey , i just started on Physics too. crap. and i've got TONS of ramalan papers that i've yet to try 2 do =\
vpws said…
Haha, sorry for that..

Don't worry, almost every SPM candidates will be desperate at this very moment. It's called "kiasu". Hehe~

Damn going through Physics is like hell. Thanks for dropping by anyway. :)

Goodluck and all the best!
expectation said…

i don't care, you are now responsible to get tips for me and tell me by tonight.
or else..
i'd haunt you.
*pretends to be scary
vpws said…
Haha you fell for it too?

Sorry lah, not my fault right? I'm going "cuckoo" thinking about SPM.. :(

sadomasochist said…
chau turtle..i fell for it..
vpws said…
Haha don't worry you're not the only one. BTW, turtle? :S
Liz said…
I fell for it! wtf!! :p
thecw said…
thanks vincent.. you don't know how much i love you hehe :)
vpws said…
Haha, chill lar.. :) All the best! Cherish this 13 hours left with good rest! :)

All in a sudden it doesn't sound right. Hmmm, what's the maksud-maksud tersirat? Haha~

AND you don't know how much I love you too! Wuakaka! Best of luck for SPM! :) GBU!
Nigel said…
haha not every1 is desperate pang or as u say "kiasu" im not regardless my REMARKABLE results haha just praying for luck too lazy ...............
vpws said…
haha you have the exceptions then! :)
REMARKABLE indeed.. don't worry, have confidence, it'll bring u above the skies.. haha! :) all da best man! :)
nigel said…
but then seriously damn boringlor.......99.5% are kiasu got no1 to teman me play around T__________T
ryn said…
vincent, im not even taking spm and i fell for it!
vpws said…
Haha, I'm actually one of those kiasu's.. But since there's no hope already, so I'll play around.. halfly lah! :)

Haha! Humans' mind is full of curiosity! lolx~ :)
Itscheryl said…
i was thinking..
where got such thing one lar
but then again .. soalan got bocor before also in the past years...

but i knew it la...
joker... tomolo spm also fool ppl
vpws said…
ooh, it's a big surprise to see you here! :)
hahahahaha! yealoh! your sis should be the one complaining lah! haha!
sadomasochist said…
turtle. i also don't know actually. it comes after chao la. like chao cheebye. ahahah. learn from my sis wan.
vpws said…
Haha i see i see.. funny dude lah u.. :P wait, you learned chau cheebye or chau turtle from ur sis!? haha! :P
thecw said…
history was worse.
vpws said…
history was okay.. but BM DEFINITELY SUCK!!! >< :( sob sob~
Eric said…
Aiya, tot really a soalan what's your result for SPM?

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