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Size Doesn't Matter

^ Shawn made it into the papers today.

I was halfway down my daily routine of reading the newspapers when I stumbled enviously across little Shawn on the front cover of the StarMetro. Not only that, his pictures and profile filled up the next two pages!

Seen here is how the timid yet adorable Shawn whom father Reggie Lee (Yes, the famous comic artist, NOT the actor) claimed "a weakling in the past" proves to us that no matter how hard it is to achieve our dreams, strong determination, hard work, and great passion will bring you there. Giving up is not the only solution to a problem faced whether is it walking through a barricade in life, or even trying to milk a cow for the first time.

Read all about it here.


It's now down to 3 days left to SPM. It seems like only yesterday the counter was projecting 30 or something.

I have to fit 5 subjects in these 3 days as I won't be able to find time to study in the first 3 days of SPM since there are papers till 4PM.

All in a sudden, I'm able to feel the heat. I hope the heat is from an Olympic Games torch being lit instead of a tiny match.

By the way, there's Planet Shakers Night Rally concert in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre at 7:30PM tonight. Should I or should I not go? Hmmm..


Asyraf Lee said…
Erm. Size does matter on certain stuff. And it does matter also on how you use it.

You know what i mean :P
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
yeah i know i get what you mean. on certain stuffs that is.. :)
Grace said…
woooooi - u pergi or not?

all the best for these 3 last days :) God bless and take care of you!
vpws said…
nope.. i overslept.. sob sob..
hehe yeah now it's 2 days ler.. hehe~ thanks alot grace! ;)
ryn said…
hahaha i didnt realise it was him on the front cover and i didnt bother reading metro only startwo :D

anyway all the best for spm! :) you can do itttttt!
vpws said…
hehehe.. but it's like so big n normally it's in between startwo.. so u'll surely pass the front covers rite? hehe! :P

yeah thanks dear, appreciate it! :)

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