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9 Shivery Days


Yeah, it's now a single digit on the countdown. And yet I have a quadruple digit of pages to revise and study in these 9 days.

I can't help it but to worry about SPM. From where I'm standing now, I didn't progress much since a fortnight ago. I can't seem to feel the heat to actually burn my a** away from this computer chair and have a crumpled piece of paper thrown at my head with the message "go study Chemistry".

There's obviously a barrier between me and the urge to study. The motivation is not there.

What's gotten into me?



-akxj- said…
ahahah ..start studying lo =) ..
eujean said…
vincent....i think it all started when u started ur lepak life vincent! donno wll this motivate u but u've just gotta study buddy!
Grace said…
ugh, that happened to me too during the finals.

except urs is SPM.

all the best..
vpws said…
if it's that ez i won't worry or sigh so much rite? -.-

alamak i know la u jelez kenot get to lepak~ haha!
not doin much help but thanks for trying anyway~ :)

huhu.. it's really a sad thing ya know?

yeap, thanks alot, needed that..
-akxj- said…
hmm i think..i shld sit beside you and force you to study! =)
vpws said…
it might end up me forcing u go play.. :P haha~
Grace said…
hey, just wondering.. are form5s still going to be there on Mon?
aman23 said…
oh no.. why did i have to see this? it's only 8 more days today.. :(
vpws said…
yep they are.. till wednesday~

nothing else matters:
haha sorry mate.. yeah now it's 8.. :(

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