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Physics = Kacang Putih Hitam!

Paper 1 was quite good.
Paper 2 was not bad.
Paper 3 was a screwed up.

Overall, 'boleh tahan lah'. Hope I'll get B3 or higher for the subject, cause I'll need the grades.

Ah, at last! It's freedom! FOR AWHILE.
The next paper will be next Tuesday, Moral Education, and then Additional Mathematics the following day. So I actually have about 5 days to study rest and enjoy! I'll be watching Harry Potter tomorrow! I can't wait! =)


Hey Liz!

This is for you! =D Just like I promised. Me in Ju-On-esque mode!

I hope it's scary enough to not disappoint you.

Not as attractive as yours I might say =P :


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nigel said…
haha mati man i did a god damn kimia experiment for physics >.< lol..... and just draw some empty jadual at keputusan /swt >.< btw thats some nice pic u took haha looks more handsome than ur original pics XD
Liz said…
whoaaaa is that you? wah, you edit until damn scary wei! :P
tinylola said…
haha.. yea i just saw the post *giggles*
I like the picture Ju-On thingy
and the other one.. very nice =D
haha, glad that the paper was alright for you!
vpws said…
Nigel:Haha why mati? Serious shit!? OMG.. What you did lah!? BTW, most questions don't require us to fill anything in the jadual lah.. Just put stuffs like T1, T2, T3, T4 like that..
Hahahaha thanks man.. *scratches head* I still don't really know it is a compliment? Haha~

Isn't it supposed to be that way? Haha~ :P

Hehe~ :P
Weeely? thankies :)
Which other one? U meant Liz?

Yeah, I'm very glad myself too~ :P Thanks anyway! :)
Liz said…
can I put in my blog's new post, the pic? =P Btw, linked you up!
thecw said…
HAHAHAHAHAHAH! so retarded!
Slinky said…
Wahliao... Hahahahah not a bad way to de-stress, especially during SPM yah?

Somehow, you look a bit like the Incredible Hulk..
aman23 said…

that's a nice pic wei.
val said…
i'm sorry! i laughed when i saw it! xD
ryn said…
u looked a lil deformed! dunno if you're gonna take that as a compliment or what :P
jiat said…
why do u screw paper 3?swt..i screw paper 1 instead.10< wrong <15 noob la..i dunno why..
Asyraf Lee said…
I need a few people to become my model, interested Vincent?

I want people from walk of life, not actual models.
vpws said…
Liz:Haha sure sure go on take it! :) Okie thank you! :)

Ish don't want give you chocolate adi!

Haha, anyway I don't think I'll b able to achieve all 8 bars of chocolate anymore. :(

Yes you're right! Haha~ :)

Really? I thought so too. I made pink, green, and blue.. Hehe!

Thanks man! Anyway, which one? The girl or me? Hehehehehe!

Haha it's ok it's not supposed to be scary. Or else it'll shoo my fellow blogders! :P

Hahaha! since it's supposed to be ugly, so it's a compliment.. Haha! Thank you banyak banyak! :)

I sucked in paper 3. >< So little wrong only!? BABI! Haha~ Anyway, don't worry 60 can get A adi. :)
If you noob then I what? >< Hehe~
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
Haha, *blushes* thanks for offering, but I don't think I'll be good enough~ :(

You don't want an ugly fat pathetic guy like me. Hehe! :P
Asyraf Lee said…

I know how to make people look even better.
vpws said…
The Eligible Bachelor:
Hehe I know, power of photoraphy mar! :) Thanks anyway~ :)
jiat said…
wtf?so little?a lot lah!i want 10 wrong only!alah paper 3 only ma, at least u also got 25-30 right..relek la..u study so much
~nGe~ said…
eligible bachelor - plus, there is
vpws said…
I think I screwed three quarter of paper 3.. >< No I didn't. *sob sob*

Hehe photoshop is to make you ugly, just like the "Ju-On-esque" picture~ :P
Roshan said…
wendy cheng said that happy porter did u find it?
irina said…
i dunno why but my first thought when i saw that pic of yours is >

pontianak harum sundal malam
Kai Aun said…
Good Luck in your Moral and Add maths!!

Physics is real tough! :D
Don't flunk your add maths, though =)
vpws said…
..::RoShaNPaL::..:Really? Wah you still read her blog uh? Hehe~ I'm watching it later lah~ Then I'll tell you ok?

Really? Hehe, heard that PHSM 2 is out~ Hehe~ :P

Kai Aun:
Hey there thanks man!

I hope I won't. BTW do I know you? Thanks again anyway~ ;)
thecw said…
we CAN GET 8 or 9 bars K! i dun care hehe if u cant earn it den buy 4 me!
aman23 said…
wendy cheng is a b****. enough said.

lol i'm talking about u :p
Liz said…
take up Asyraf's modelling offer!! :P hehe ~
vpws said…
WAHHHHHHH.. gila la u.. diberi betis hendakkan paha pula.. tsk tsk tsk.. lolx! :P

hahaha okok thanks man! :P

ooh.. u knew abt wendy cheng huh? hehe!

haha.. soli i let him down adi.. :( i not good enuff ler.. ehehe~
Roshan said…
how was the movie pang?
vpws said…
Not bad, not bad, read about it the next post, coming right up in about an hour, I hope.. :)
aman23 said…
haha of course i know wendy cheng. the ever infamous blogger to kutuk KL and other ppl openly in her blog. obnoxious if u ask me.

oh btw, about ur pic, it's like a mirror image of the girl.. just that she's clothed n ur not :p
vpws said…
Haha.. Have you read her latest issue about the handicap toilets? Man it's creating riots and it resulted with her losing 2 endorsers for her blog. :P

Hahahahaha~ I that 'teruk' meh? :P
aman23 said…
just read when i saw ur comment :p

padan muka! :D

mengada like hell. think she's so good.
vpws said…
Hahaha yeah.. Lots of our local probloggers are on anti-xiaxue now.. Hehe!
Have you check it's an anti-her kinda thingy.. wuakaka! :P
Jefei said…
Haha! Thats Pretty damn flippin sexy man!
vpws said…
haha i bet u're not talking about me.. :P

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