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Mission I M Possible - Truant

7th November 2005

School today was superbly enthralling, captivating, intriguing, and a little tantalizing.

The whole drama is about trying to "ponteng" (is it called playing truant?) from school. It was my first time, I swear - and I was persuaded by the pro of all-time ponteng-ing, Mun Hoe! Unbelievable the adamant me all these while gave in to his persuasion. Maybe because it's the second last day of school and I might not be able to do such thing in high school in the future, so I thought of giving it a try, a so-called irreplaceable experience of my soon-to-end schooling days. I know it's wrong, but, curiosity and raging hormones overcome the guilt. Haha~

I would like to apologise if my actions affected or offended any particular person.

*Names were modified to protect privacy.


Reached the gates of school after picking up Michael. First time I reached school that early over the past 6 months - amazingly. =P


Monday's formal official assembly was held informally. Spotcheck was handled out. Apparently they missed my class, and lucky Mun Hoe got away from getting his handphone confiscated. I was smart enough to smell a spotcheck beforehand and we left our phones and cameras in my car before entering school.


When the coast was clear, we made our way to my car and brought down the handphones and cameras.

^ Michael's itchy hands started snapping weird pictures and videos out of no where.

^ The Foyer C is so empty - alot people were absent this morning. And it's a study period so no one will in be at the Foyer C, duh!

^ Met Hubert - which sort of joined in the "lifeless" gang group.


Back in class. Atmosphere was dull and getting a little weary over time.

^ Michael entertained himself with his camera. Whole morning he was a little crazy laughing over nothing and he claimed it's because of the stress of SPM. Weirdo.

^ Three groups of classmates were there. The typical chinese males (named CNN by can't remember who - Chinese Nerd Nation) , the typical chinese females (also known as Lich Hung girls) , and us "lifeless" people, of course.

^ Hubert halfway performing his SS-ness (Claimed by Michael/SS=Syiok Sendiri) .

^ Funny Bryan trying to escape the camera lens. It was a funny sight. LMAO.

^ Another two "lifeless" people, Afzal and Nizam, arrived a little later - and went back home much sooner.

^ The only picture of me in my camera, poor thing.

^ Bryan at last decided to shed away his shyness and grab Michael for a photo session. ;P

^ The hardworking group which gave us a little chill on our back for not studying when it's only 7 days left to SPM.

^ The much surprised teachers wondering how the camera didn't join in the list of confiscated items from this morning's spotcheck. *smiles widely*

^ Okay, this wasn't my idea. Hubert took this I think. Sheesh~

^ Found a "masterpiece" from one of the art classes and had a good laugh at it. Evil people we were, weren't we? But Michael started it! *points the finger at Michael*

^ Lucky Mun Hoe with his phone messaging Adrian. This was where he planned to play truant and persuaded Michael and I to join him. After a little argument and give-and-take, without whole-heartedly we finally decided to do it. Mun Hoe as the mastermind set the escape time at 10AM and the destination, Global Cyber Cafe. OMG!

^ Our carefree attitude made us continue do silly things, including playing checkers with only twelve pieces on the board.

^ Swee Beng dropped by not long later.

Bryan suggested that we gamble because I have cards in my car. Honestly, I rarely gamble - not even during festival times, you can ask anyone close to me if you don't believe. I'm just not really the risk-taker people used to misjudge me.

^ While making another trip to my car to get the deck of cards, I took a picture of the next class, which apparently seemed as "lifeless" as we were. Haha~


^ Today, I seriously don't know the reason why I easily gave in to persuassions. Just not my normal self, I assume. Yes, I gambled. *Heads down with guilt* Luckily the bet was just at a minimal amount, and whilst others bet a buck, I stayed firm with only 50 cents. Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want. I won 4 bucks anyway! =P


Walked to the maingate only to find there're junior prefects guarding the gate from any case of truancy. Not only that, fierce *Mrs Diddy was there standing too. >< Plan was a failure, but Mun Hoe will never give up. He made us plan for the next move and waited the next opportunity.


^ We waited at the Foyer C waiting for the right time to "FLY". Bennette and Melody wanted to do so too, but was stopped experiencing the same situation.

^ And another group tried.

^ Two highly spirited SPM-takers loitering around school, Kevin and Shiao Loong.

^ Michael SS with his camera again.

^ And guess what? Puvana and Kent was kind enough to drop us a visit! Buggers!
Looks like they're gonna join us at the cafe later.

^ Poor Michael and Mun Hoe were getting really bored and tired. So was I. The weather was quite humid on that very hour.

^ Michael still managed to pull up a few cracky lame jokes to keep us entertained.


The bell rang to mark recess. No plan can be carried out without energy, so we went to the canteen and refreshed ourselves.


^ Finally, we decided, it's either now, or not at all. So we hatched a plan. Michael somehow got his mom over his handphone, and pleaded her to come pick us all up - at least there's a REASON for escaping. Haha~

^ There! Caught red-handed! Another group who was trying to play truant! Haha~

Finally, Michael's mom arrived. We walked out of school like nobody's business. The 5 junior prefects that were given the responsibility to guard the gates of the school watched helplessly with the massive crowd walking out of school all at once.

I felt a little pity - and GUILT. Once I was one of those innocent brats working hard to fulfil the responsibilities of enforcing the school laws. Now I'm one of those whom I previously disliked to much - the law-breakers. Sigh~

Guilt wasn't preventable. But pity was. So I decided to take a shot of them with my camera before I leave.

^ The cute little ones. Haha~ Was quite shocked how they still managed to pose for the picture.

I then sent Bryan and Hubert home.

^ Bryan posing with a sheepish smile for all the trouble getting out of school. "Home sweet home," he said.


^ Final destination, Michael's crib, before heading to the cybercafe.

Today I've learnt a lesson. A great one - I learned to be firm and adamant with your principles and not lose to persuasions. Losing in such will only end you up in the wrong road and there will never be a success at the end of it.

I regretted the whole incident, I truly did.


Anonymous said…
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ryn said…

school = enthralling, captivating, intriguing and tantalizing? do we go to the same school???

haha plans cant be carried out without energy. what an excuse to eat! :P

and suddenly saw kevin's face. big SWT. he doesn't even look like him. so skinny wan! pass him windstruck please :(
vpws said…
haha.. only in one day.. :P

ahahaha! but it's true rite? at 11, ppl r already getting hungry.. we r guys wat.. hehe~

looks like him lar~ u dun know ur bro only.. hehe~
windstruck? it's wif adrian.. n has travelled half the globe.. u betta ask him..

3:14AM.. go sleep lar~!
Anonymous said…
how come la regret pang? i thought u pontenged like the brave man u are? haha.. :P

Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Keith said…
hahah put the word thing la so ppl cant span ur blog... hehe

tis takes me back two years ago.. but at tis time 2 years ago i wuz taking my spm.. hahahahah but i loved running out of skool to go to chatters to yc tat time.. see how good i was.. there was once i even went all the way to puchong 2 eat chic rice... hahahaha
vpws said…
haha i tak biasa macam u mar.. i know la u pro ponteng-er! hehehe~ :)

btw wat r u doing here!? go stardee! 6 days lefT! :(


Kok Keith:
word verification? haha lazy lar.. if u take off the spam verification last time, i comment kau kau at ur blog adi 1! hehe~

my goodness! corrupted wei~
hehe luckily i'm not like that.. hehehehehe! :P

ish nonit to take 2 years back lar!
u also ponteng-ed college the other day rite!?? grrrrr~ haha~

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