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The END of Additional Mathematics

For the first time in my life, I didn't have enough time to finish up my Additional Mathematics exam papers yesterday. Just minutes ago, I stumbled across my academic-progress-report-card. Flipped through the pages and saw my previous Addmaths marks.
    March 2004 : 32
    June 2004 : 1
    July 2004 : 0
    October 2004 : 19

    April 2005 : 22
    June 2005 : 1 (Actually 0.55555..)
    SPM Trials : 17
Ahhhh.. How nice..

And honestly, I didn't do that bad this time. =)

After the second Addmaths paper, a small group of us went to McDonald's for a short 'yamcha and sek-es-klim' session. Then Michael and I went for Wilson's birthday gathering.

Pictures of Wilson's gathering will be up soon once I get hold of them. A big waste I didn't bring my camera last night. I stole Penny's pictures already but I'm still waiting for Laura's so I can complete the set. Hehe~


Went browsing through my junks in my computer again to ease my boredom. Doing that once in awhile brings me down memory lane. I love the good old times - don't you?

Saw a picture in particular that I want to share. Not a photo actually, just a scanned piece of art a classmate drew earlier this year.

^ Really cute huh? :P

Lets enlarge my picture :



expectation said…
i just realised that I didn't link you! haha, lazylah. i will do it after spm! yesh! gambate neshiro desuka sizuka!

iyer memang like you, damn ham sap. (hair like phua ck!)
vpws said…
Haha sure no problem.. :) Huh? Sorry, japanese-noob here. :P I only know what is Gambate(good luck) and Sizuka(a girl in Doraemon). Right? :P

Ish.. EVIL.. since when I hamsap!? Haha~
Liz said…
wahahha! cute pic wei!!!!

... yeah looks a bit like u ler =P
vpws said…
Owh really? Haha~ Thanks!

Hehe, you haven't seen me in person before how would ya know? :P Lets make an outing after SPM okie? :) Blogger-strangers outing! :) Haha~ Ajak peeps! :)
tinylola said…
lol.. sorry to keep ya waiting for the pictures
hope ull enjoy them especially the one wit u losing ur virgin**** ;X
We should do it more often ;D
Keith> yeag is panties la.. h ham sap what!? hahaha..

Vincent> i better than u in my Add Maths... keke.. shouldnt show off,, because not tat great either.. wahahaha
vpws said…
tinylola:Haha it's okay dear.. Chill! :)
Hahahahahahaha! Will check it right after this! :)
Yes, true! We definitely should! Hehe~

Kok Keith:
A panty I think.. Hahahahaha!

Rong Feng@Nelson:
Ish damn bad lah you since when I'm horny? :P

Haha, alah you sould've taught me how to do Addmaths earlier right? :(
jiat said…
omg..addmaths < 40 all the way? then i think u'd pass this spm paper, u might even hope for a B. Lol.

Confirm i know its a panty, coz vincent, haih..we all know..horny
vpws said…
Hahaha~ Yealah that's why I was so worried earlier.. How to chill like you asked me to? :( Nah, I'm really really hoping for a credit! C also good enough already! :)

Alah, there goes my reputation lah.. :( Sob sob..
Therese said…
hewo! wahh u started off with the highest marks wor...haha btw, i heard that 65% will get u an A1 already for addmaths. kinda low standard huh?..tat curly hair cartoon soo cute~! my friend drew one of me too earlier this year...also very funny. haha. =P whihc part of msia are u from?
jiat said…
Lol..B can la..if u get an A belanja me k?lol..

Reputation??????hmmm..i thought its long gone?or maybe it never really existed..u perasan only..LOL..
-akxj- said…
ahahahha =) sek es klim...............!!!!!!!!

ahahahahahahha damn stupid wei..

good la..since you got confident this time.. :D
vpws said…
Therese:Haha yeah, because it's easier and interesting at the beginning of the subject. Soon I lost interest. :P

Haha really? I heard with credit comes with just 30%. Haha thank you! :)

I'm from Subang Jaya, Selangor. How about you?

Thanks for viewing and commenting anyway. :)

HAha, sure!! I guarantee I'll belanja you if I ace my addmaths.. Word of honour! lolx!

CHEHHHH~ You better look out the next time I see you.. Sure gone already one your virginity! Hahaha!

Haha~ :P Memang chinese say it like that right? =P

Yeap, that's good. For the very first time. I hope I won't let myself down.

Haha I'm just horny looking, unlike you, horny up down in out all around! :P
jiat said…
good!mark ur words!i want victoria!

My virginity?Sorry, i gave it away as a birthday present liao luuu..some other time k?!i try to generate new one's..
Jennhuiwen said…
oh my godness...coudnt believe u shown ur marks here..
u shud ask ppl to teach u man
vpws said…
jiat:Haha sure! I promise! :) But what if it is otherwise? =P

Haha, well, believe it! :) Hehe~

Ermm, it was a little too late anyway.. :( Haha~
Anonymous said…
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