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Little Chicken Little

9th November 2005

^ Familiar? The hyperactive titchy animated Chicken Little whom thinks that the sky is falling! (Whether it's true or not, you've got to see it for yourself)

It's a Wednesday, so ticket price was darn cheap! And I went to watch it with my little brother.

^ Picture was quite blurry, so I had to sepia it. Gosh I looked fat.

The movie wasn't that bad, indeed it's quite a good movie - it's just that I don't really fancy it, so I'll give it a 3/5. Just realised that people nowadays are getting more imaginative day by day - that explained all the weird plots and illogical storylines.

(Duh! It's a cartoon! And it's not supposed to be logical! Sheesh~)

Oh, not forgetting to mention, I like a really cute and macho character from the movie, Fish Out of Water! Look out for it if you're gonna watch the movie. Hehe!

Hmm, speaking of cute, I sorta..

^ Kidnapped my sister's teddybear, Bimbo - for a few days already. Haha, I'm a little cheeky sometimes, really sorry for that. *hides*

Mom's birthday is less than a week time. Unfortunately her birthday falls on the second day of my SPM. Won't be able to celebrate for her earlier or later cause she'll be going to Genting Highlands at the end of this week, and Malacca at the end of next. Looks like I've got to wait till SPM's over.

I also bought her a birthday gift. Budget was tight so I had no choice but to pick the cheapest but good crap I can find. Ended up with this 40 bucks spinning-four-LEDed-lasered-crystal.

^ Not too bad when it's turned off, but,

^ It's quite a beautiful sight when it's switched on. Weeee~ Four different beautiful colours emit turn by turn.

I hope she'll like it. =/


SPM is already less than a handful of days. I'm sure most of my same fated comrades and blogders will be setting the Internet icon to Disconnect for the rest of the week or so. So, I'm taking this opportunity to wish all SPM-takers:

May you all be blessed with good health and great minds throughout this final blood-curdling examination.

(Wish me the same too, okay?) ;)


Liz said…
I highly doubt that I'll be setting my internet connection to 'disconnect' anytime soon ... :P But anyway, GOOD LUCK!!! :D
vpws said…
haha.. your doubt is my belief.. i won't too~ =P

yeah thanks.. haha.. same 2 u! getting a little scary already.. :(
Roshan said…
only left today,tomorrow,the day after tomorrow and the day after the day after worried
Asyraf Lee said…
The numa numa song of Chicken Little is catchy.
vpws said…
yeah.. me too.. :(
did u study?

The Eligible Bachelor:
hehe yeah~ i got bored over it already as it was previously playing over n over agn in my playlist.. hehe~
aman23 said…
chicken little is kinda boring. lol. i like d porcupine :D
vpws said…
yeap, a little..
porcupine? hahaha! yeah dat funny COOL porcupine.. haha~ da fishy betta ler! :P

so early? studying agn?
tinylola said…
haha nice light cystal thing you got there for your mom!! Im sure she will love it.. I do!! haaha
well... All the Best to you too as I'll be online as usual ;P

Would be updating my journal to as my uncle from US will be coming down on the 20th!!! ARGhHHhh so happy!!! heheheh!!

Cant believe Im actually having fun when everyone else is like STUDY STUDY STUDY
Btw I kapnaped Bianca's toy too
She ill-treated it.. so I had no choise
vpws said…
haha really? thanks lola~ :) i hope she does too~ hehe!
ooh tq.. same 2 u dear~ 4 days left.. hehe!

20th.. next sunday huh? hehe~ no worries da next paper will b moral only.. hehe~

lolx.. u're not the only one having fun.. hehe~ btw i tried studying juz now.. worked for an hour only.. :(
ooooh.. evil evil~ hehe.. what she did lar? abuse her toys? hehe~
tinylola said…
haha.. ya me too!! I studied for about 45 minute onli ler *sob*
haha I got sains and moral on the same day ler

but no worries.. I MUST enjoy at least one day la.. haha not that bad but must study really hard on the day before

Yaa, she go spank him and shake him and swing him!! EVIL I TELL YOU! haha
Anyway she isnt here so the house is left silent for me to sleep...
Bad Lola Bad Bad Lola
vpws said…
wah 45 minutes.. haha~ :P it's still betta than nutin rite? haha~ :P
OH.. i almost 4got u're in arts, sowee..

hehehehehe~ true true also.. haha~ mayb one of da nites we go out for dinner or sumtin lar~ hahaha~ :P
don't worry la u can do it.. smart tiny lola apa-apa pun boleh rite? hehe~

OUCH.. tsk tsk tsk.. hehe~ betta u kidnap also.. hehe~
owh.. i wanna take a nap also.. mayb after replying dis comment lar~ hehe~
tsk tsk tsk, Bad Pang Bad Bad Pang.. hehe!
tinylola said…
haha guess wat?? i took a nap!! arrrr... so guilty la me!!! haha

Then my aunt call to tell me my uncle will be coming down on the 18th
haha even better but by then im more relaxed ler

Just need to go thru and memorize the silly nilais....zzzz

here's one for you and me -
Berdikari - Kebolehan (hehe) dan kesanggupan melakukan sesuatu tanpa bergantung kepada orang lain ;P

haha wake up in an hours time ya!! *ring*
tinylola said…
oh btw, on the 16th we can go dinner already.. but you got chemistry right??
haha on the 17th la.. we go enjoy a while

1/3 of exam is gone by then.. haha
we both can do it cos we are smart people!!! *cheers* to that *giggles*
thecw said…
yea chicken littles was quite..
stoopid.>! liked the fish too :D hehehe
vpws said…
haha good wat.. health's important too, go u still gotta rest.. haha~ :)

oooh.. hehe yeah betta for u huh? haha~ :)

hmmm.. roshan put the nilai paper as his desktop wallpapers.. haha! :P u should try that too! :) doubt it wont give any effect~

wake up? haha guess what? i havent started sleeping yet.. was busy playing PS wif my bro juz now! hahaha~ saddening lar~ :(

16th!? hehe i got physics, the most important subject that'll determine the success of my future career.. haha~

hehe mayb for u lar.. but got BIO, CHEM, n ADDMATHS after.. worst subjects for me.. so by then, it's actually 1/4 over for me.. hehe~

hehe u can lar.. u smart mar, i'm not.. :( hehe..

hi there! *waves*
hehehe.. fishy fishy rocks! hehe~ :) so cute rite? cuter than u~ haha! crap sure gonna kena punched adi 1 lar.. :(
tinylola said…
haha!! PS!! I miss that la, no one at home to play PS with me though...

hehe I guess those moral nilai arent that hard la, as we already memorized it b4..
so just gotta refresh back.. hehe

hmm.. planning to be a pilot?? engineer??
yealor you guys got those science subjects.. at least i can skip all those, guess cos i wanne do business
so those aren't my concern
would love to study bio but they dont let me take *sob*

Anyway, im sure you can do it!!
We need to be confident, not over confident =D no worries, dont stress yourself out okay?? *hugs*
vpws said…
haha yeah same here.. juz dat recently my bro was playin so i joined him once in awhile.. haha~

oh.. coz u studied mar b4 dis.. i didnt.. so i'm so gonna die adi~ :(

pilot.. hehe~ i juz need physics english n maths in the minimum of 5 credits.. ;)
oooooh.. business! take over ur daddy's business huh? haha~
owh really? u can actually take bio, but u cant take in school only lar.. only tuition.. heh~

really? thanks lola.. u 2~ :)
haha i'll try not to~ :) *hugz*
tinylola said…
haha, well we'll see what my future holds ;P hmm, but i guess the fun part about bio is the experiments and icky goowee stuffs =D

hmm, Captain Pang?? haha I may be ur regular passenger as I would love to travel and who knows what my job requires of me

haha, till then lets achieve our goals together *hugs*
vpws said…
hehe true.. the business world is huge.. u can neva run out of resources.. haha~ :)
ooooh.. yeah, like disecting frogs! hehe~

yeah! i hope to be!! :) haha i can b ur private pilot if u want to! :) hehehehehe!

yeah! gudluck wif it yea! ;) *hugz*
Anonymous said…
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