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Prefects Gathering

9th June 2006

^A view of the sunset from the back of my house last evening. Beautiful, isn't it?

Met up with my ex-prefect comrades at 9pm. I was supposed to be one of the organizers for this gathering, but I eventually did nothing because I didn't have the time. We actually expected an attendance of quite a big number. But it ended up with only a few of us having drinks and chit-chat at Tanjong Mamak Bistro in SS14.

Some of those that were there:

^L-R> Shao Min, Amanullah, and Julia.

^L-R> Daphne and Roshanpal.


^Non-prefect Naufal (Right)

^And Seo Densearn.

It feels really good to get together once in awhile (as mentioned in the previous posts). It's like, you get to catch up with people you once know a lot and now you don't anymore. Get what I mean?

It ended about half past 10 and I was then on my way to Asia Club to meet up with Kok Keith and Adrian. Left the place after a few games of foosball to join Kent at Maju USJ4 for Germany versus Costa Rica.

Speaking of World Cup, yesterday/today is the commencement of FIFA World Cup 2006 - with the opening at 10 followed by Germany against Costa Rica at midnight. I'm sure everybody knows that. =P

Most of the Mamak restaurants and places with big screens were packed with football fans. I, myself, is not a die-hard fan of football. But a game I will never forget about is the Finals between France and Brazil a few years back. My cousin-brothers, uncles, granduncles, brother, dad and I couldn't watch the match because my grandmother left this world exactly two days before the long-awaited game. Sigh.

Wanted to attend Seventeen Summer Splash later in the afternoon - but I can't, because I don't have a ticket. I think I'll just give it a pass.
Not forgetting, I have another gathering to attend - this time with Alvina and the rest. Gosh, I have lots of gatherings and reunions this week itself. It's probably because most of the colleges are having their mid-term holiday. At least I get to enjoy myself to the max before I start my college pretty soon.

I'm feeling so tired and sleepy already. So, good night and don't tidur bola.


aman23 said…
actually none of us organizers did anything. :p
vpws said…
but den at least u both invited the others rite? :P
aman23 said…
ah.. word got around really fast so it doesn't really make much difference who invited the others. i'll just say that it was us 3 sekawan's bright idea. =D
vpws said…
awwwwww....... so terharu~ *sob* hehe~

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