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Je soutiens la France

OMG, why did France draw again!?

Thierry Henry's goal on the early 9th minute was convincing enough to show that the Frenchmen had control of the game. The goal from Park Ji Sung at the last ten minutes was entirely unexpected.

France won't stand a chance in reaching the Finals if they don't win the next match, which is against Togo four days from now. Oh well, all I can do now is to just sit and watch.

After the match, I managed to transport myself to dreamland before waking up 3 hours later to meet up with Julia, Jow Liie, Bennette and Guo Heng at True Fitness. Yeah, I just signed up for the '12-Months Commitment Fitness Gold' membership a few days ago.

After spending 2 hours working out, we headed off to the nearby Old Town Kopitiam for breakfast.

^My breakfast, 2 sets of Roti Bakar, Iced Oldtown White Coffee, and Omega Soft-boiled Eggs.

^This is what I wore today, France's 2006 FIFA World Cup reserve jersey.

^Julia with her Oldtown Curry Mee.


^Guo Heng

^The syiok-sendiri girls. Julia (again) and Jow Liie. =P

Anyway, I took the opportunity of this meet up to catch up with Guo Heng, whom was in UK (NOT Ulu Kelang) for the past 6 months. He's currently back in Malaysia for a 3 months holiday before leaving again in early September. We used to go through a lot together when we were in high school, especially when our names were spreading through teachers' mouth for all the havoc we've caused. Don't be deceived by his innocent and shy looks, because believe it or not, he has the BALLS most men don't. =P

By the way, it's time for me to sleep. This will be the earliest record of me getting to bed since God-knows-when. I need a good rest so that I can provide full concentration when I drive down to Malacca first thing in the morning.

Till the next post, good night and sleep tight!


aman23 said…
france's coach is a moron!
vpws said…
Hahahahaha.. why d'ya think so? :P
aman23 said…
coz you can see that the players at his disposal are uber skilled but he can't utilize them. <_< and i think SGE of england is also a moron.
vpws said…
haha.. that's partly true.. :)

anyway eriksson can't properly manage his team.. he might as well kick his swedish arse back to sweden.. lolx~
-akxj- said…
.. so the conclusion is ..

france ...SUCK! =)

ehehe .. just jk =) ..

mana tau france draw with togo!
ryn said…
stupid gym don't let under 18 people >:(
vpws said…
-akxj-:hahaha u suck lar.. :P

if they win, u rox.. if they draw, u suck.. if they lose, u suck more..

hahaha juz jk =)

who said they don't? lolx~
even both my sisters r undergoing trainin there lar..

my bro also might b joining soon~ =P
-akxj- said…
well .. firstly ..

i dont =p ..

2ndly ..if france draw..THEY SUCK! =)

3rdly .. if france really draw... you suck for supporting them ..

ahaha -.- enuf of the suck suck ..

brazil aint playing that well also =/
spain is surprisingly good tho..
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
fuck u man chibai hai.. told u i was joking right.. !#$!$!~%!%#!%
ryn said…
they let? um. the gym you went is the new one right? in taipan? i saw the card, it said you gotta be at least 18 =\cos my dad has membership there too.
vpws said…
haha yeah they let.. yeah da new one in taipan! hahaha.. of coz not! even both r sisters r there leh! n they go EVERY freaking day! lolx~ go there n ask lar.. get a clearer answer.. :P

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