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Mini Gathering at Lien Chai's

Had a mini gathering at Lien Chai's place in Pantai Hillpark this afternoon. There were about 8 of us, and the gathering was held because of a common thing all 8 of us share - we are all ex-Tutorial Lee (tuition centre) students.

^On the way there.

^Lien Chai posing with his crib in the background. Poser siot~

Andalucia Condos in Pantai Hillpark is a decent place to live in.

^The balcony.

^The view from the balcony.

^A mini-fountain right infront of his house.

Through-out the afternoon, we chatted, watched DVD's,

^had some wine,


^and took lots of free-style photos.

^Group photo! Clockwise from top left: Fiona, Mandy, me, Wai Leong, Jian Pang, Lien Chai, Marzuki, and Farrael.

We left at 7pm to have dinner at a nearby famous "Banana Leaf" mamak restaurant, named Sri Paandhi Restaurant. For those who read the newspaper, you'll get what I mean when I said "famous".

^Looking at this picture makes me hungry again.

The guys then decided to "mengunjung" a cybercafe nearby my house. Came back home at 11pm feeling tired but with all smiles.

It is really great to be able to meet up with your old friends again, don't you think so? There's like so many things to talk and laugh about, especially about the past. I get very nostalgic mesmerizing a lot about the past lately. I miss being young and naive. =(

Tomorrow will be a pretty quiet day for me.


aman23 said…
hillpark's a nice place. i have an aunt who lives there.

ahaha memories.. after yesterday and today, sure will be emo abit right? and not to mention upcoming friday..
vpws said…
Oh, really? what a coincidence.. lolx~

Hahahahahaha.. exactly! *sob*
yen said…
ive been there b4!
with cheryl and of cos lien chai last year.
damn place is so nice!
vpws said…
haha yeah it's a cool place..
nice 2 c u here yen.. :)

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