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The Night is Still Young

Like I mentioned in the previous posts, I've been awkwardly sleeping at the time people wakes up. I slept at 10am this morning, and woke up 6 miserable hours later. My sleeping timing is perfect for World Cup fanatics, but too bad I'm not one. Sigh.

Anyway, the gathering Alvina organized last evening was canceled at the very last minute because many won't be showing up.
So I ended up going on with my own plans. Adrian and I were planning dinner and we agreed on having something not-too-expensive but filling-to-the-stomach. I looked up for food reviews and Big Boy's Cafe in Taipan caught my attention. We rang up a few others but only Kent joined in.

^Big Boy's Cafe.

^Kent with his Vanilla Milkshake.

^Adrian striking a horny smile.

^My Chicken Maryland.

^Adrian's Beef Lasagne.

^Kent's Big Boy's Special Dory Fish.

After dinner, we pulled Jin Li with us to Asia Club for foosball and


By the way, Asia Cafe & Club were packed with England supporters. We chilled around until 2am when Jin Li has to go home. The 3 guys then decided for a drink at a nearby mamak restaurant we normally frequent at least thrice a week.


Kent and I weren't feeling sleepy yet so we went over to Adrian's house to chillax (a combination of chill and relax, created by Nat. =P) till 9am this morning.

^Kent was stuck on the computer playing computer games while Adrian was busy practicing Melbourne Shuffle all morning.

As I was still brightly awake upon leaving Adrian's house, I suggested having breakfast at Sri Melur Restaurant in USJ16. Sleepyhead Kent reluctantly agreed.

^My breakfast, roti canai and teh tarik.

^The nearly dead Kent.

Reached home, bathed, and dropped on my bed when the clock struck 10.

15 days left to fully enjoy myself.

Tonight I'll be having seafood for dinner. Crabs, shrimps, lalahs, fishes, and squids, here I come! =D


ryn said…
ohh i ate there before! big boy's. haha, the range of food is not bad, and filling for an appetite like mine. for you, dunno la :p

i love seafood :|

please don't make me jealous in your next post :|
aman23 said…
hmm i haven't went there before. interesting.

ah well.. i've become nocturnal too. can't sleep below 3am. =\ trying my best to cure it now!
vpws said…
Haha, it's quite a good restaurant rite? :) yeah it's filling for me too.. i gave half my maryland to adrian n kent coz i cant finish them.. i have a small stomach too fyi..

haha y jealous?

yeah u should try it out.. :) not sure if it's halal though, but i think it is..
haha.. same here.. all the best to u.. :P
-KeNt- said…
ish...damn tired la...i sleep for 3-4 hours onli...stupid eujyn keep on call me ask me go dota...>.<...end up go dota with him at 3..>.<...slept for 4 hours onli...

arrghh....i love seafood..!!!!shrimps...!!!!...lala!!!!
vpws said…
hahahaha.. so did u go? kesian la u.. i slept for 6 hours.. n i tot it wasnt enough.. hahaha~

yeah.. had lots of them yesterday~ :P
sugar_c0at3d said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sugar_c0at3d said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
sugar_c0at3d said…
i posted the wrong comments.

vpws said…
haha it's okay~ :)

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