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I was scratching my head for plans to fill my extremely boring afternoon, until my sister suggested that we catch a movie since it is Wednesday, and as we all know it, cinemas all around fare their tickets less than normal on this particular day of the week. Since I wanted to try out the new Cathay Cineleisure in Damansara, I gave my sister a pat on the back for suggesting such a great idea. =P

^Cineleisure, view from The Walk of The Curve.

Quite a decent Cineplex they hosted. Although still 80% empty, everything there was cool and classy, but in my honest opinion, they still can't compete with Siam Paragon's Cineplex in Bangkok, which I think is the most highly advanced Cineplex I've ever stepped foot into.

After purchasing tickets to the 6:30pm's Cars, we headed off to Secret Recipe in The Curve to have our tea-time. I had Blueberry Cheese Cake and Iced Chocolate with Whipped Cream while my sister had Marshmallow Chocolate and Fresh Watermelon Juice.

^The syiok-sendiri girl - my sis. I think she has put on a few pounds or something. *closes mouth with hands* Luckily she doesn't visit my blog. =P

^I like the round lightings randomly hung all-around the inside of Secret Recipe. They're so cute!

Cars was uber-entertaining. I think the graphic designers and animation artists did a splendid job in making the characters look real. I love how the adrenaline rushes through in their speedy action scenes.

I wonder how they make babies. =X


aman23 said…
babies? BUTTSECKS!! :D

yeah cars was a really good catch. amazing how pixar managed to breathe life into our lifeless objects that we often take for granted..
vpws said…
buttsecks? huh? lolx~

ahahaha yeah.. but i don't agree with ur "we often take for granted".. haha some ppl take their cars like their irreplaceable wives.. but not me.. wuakaka~
aman23 said…
i rephrase. exhaust-secks! ;p

haha that's great, you appreciate your car. i will do the same, if i ever get one that is. :D

dude, you never know who visits your blog. mana tau your sis visits. ;p
vpws said…
WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. den how they "pancut"? lolx~ :P

haha u sure will.. :) soon enuff, trust me.. heheheehe~

haha harap harap lar.. the other day my smaller sis(the other one~ :p) came to my blog coz i asked her to.. haha denshe spent like hours reading dunno for wat.. :P
-KeNt- said…
wohoo...germany 1-0 poland...wohoo..!!!!
Itscheryl said…
haha babies...
comes out of the boot or something

hey how much ah the tickets there ?
vpws said…
-KeNt-:OMG, another last minute goal again.. what's wrong with this year's world cup!? hahahaha!

haha~ perhaps.. unlike ROBOTS, which has a logical sense on how they produce/babies grow up.. =P

hmmm, it was super wednesday, so i bought the tickets for RM6 each.. :P not sure about the normal fare though.. oh n student card can only be used on fridays.. =.="
Keith said…
hey i wuz there 2 yesterday..
vpws said…
Kok Keith:
Yeah, i heard that from JIN LI also.. haha, nampaknya kita tak ada jodoh lar~ ='(

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