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Why Taylor's College?

Many of my Sunway College friends have asked me this particular question,

"Why did you choose
Taylor's College
instead of
Sunway College?"

My answer/explanation is actually quite simple - ummmmm, perhaps NOT that simple.

Lets run down the road of history, lets say, about 2 months ago.

I was filled with indecisiveness in regard of choosing between two colleges for my Cambridge A Level Programme, Taylor's College and Sunway College. My parents were very fond of sending me to the former, whilst I preferred the latter. Thus, to reach a conclusion, I decided to take a ride down to both colleges one fine morning to personally enquire more about their campus, programme, and offers.

My first stop was Taylor's College Subang Jaya.

TCSJ Lady : Hi there, boy. How can I help you?
Me : (Feeling a little nervous) Err, I want to enquire about your 'A' Level Programme.
TCSJLady : Alright, sit right here and I'll be right back. *Point to a chair while taking a few pieces of brochures*
Me : *Quite shy*
TCSJ Lady : OK, lets start off with your SPM results, how many credits or A's did you get?
Me : Err, 5 A's! *Confidently*
TCSJ Lady : Ouch, that's NOT very good.
Me : (Huh? Aren't you supposed to bodek me to join your college?) Err, yeah.. *Embarassed*
TCSJ Lady : Well, during my years back then, 5 A's are already good enough. But now, it's just below average. This means you have to really focus in the stream you're interested with, especially Science subjects. Blah blah blah blah.. *Continues with lots of Q&A*
Me : Err, yeah.. (What the? Kena 'cha' man!)
TCSJ Lady : Is there anymore question you would like to ask?
Me : Yeah, there is one. I heard that Sunway College offers a better 'A' Level programme. Is that true? If not, then what's bad about Sunway College?
TCSJ Lady : Umm, that's a good question. Lets not talk about the bad side of Sunway College, that is VERY unprofessional. Let's talk about what Taylor's College has to offer that Sunway can't. Blah blah blah.. *Continues*
Me : (Wah..) *Impressed*

Satisfied with the answer given by Taylor's College, I made my move to Sunway College, hoping for a better answer.

SyUC Lady 1 : Yes boy, what can I do for you?
Me : Ummm, I want to know more about the Cambridge 'A' Level Programme.
SyUC Lady 1 : Alright, just hold on a minute. *Another lady comes in*
SyUC Lady 2 : Yes, 'A' Level?
Me : Yeah, can you tell me more about the programme?
SyUC Lady 2 : Sure, this programme is to blah blah blah blah blah.. *kept on blah-ing non-stop*
Me : Urmm.. *Wanting to ask questions*
SyUC Lady 2 : Blah blah blah blah..
Me : (Crazy wei, like machine gun)
SyUC Lady 2 : Blah blah blah blah.. *fullstop* Any question?
Me : Ummm, *Were about to ask a question, when..*
SyUC Lady 2 : Okay, thank you! This is my card; if there's anything do give me a call. Hope to see you soon!
Me : (But, but, I haven't ask my question.. Ah, nevermind!) Err, alright, thank you. *Left the place disappointed*

Just like the infamous Malay proverb, "Kerana nila setitik, hancur susu sebelanga", the counsellor/lecturer has given me a very bad impression of Sunway College.

So, do I still need to elaborate further? Guess not.


ryn said…
hahaha. hi there, boy.

have fun in taylors =)
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
hahaha. hi there, girl.

thanks! :)
yen said…
speak nothing but the truth. < tcsj lady certainly did a great job. haha. she shud have added the advantage of tcsj is that asia club is just opposite. strategic location for vpws. ( hmm is there any place like asia club around syuc? )
-akxj- said…

see ..the advantage of syuc is no ASIACLUB!ahahahah...

well ..go taylors..go sunway..same oni la..when you can drive adi ..whats the diff? not like its ..subang and hartamas right? both oso ..5 min drive reach adi ..dont count parking lah =)

i decided not to bother which college is better ..both is the same :D
aman23 said…
haha well.. first impression does matter i guess. i didn't get that kind of first impression. =\ i guess there's a reason behind it, God knows. =) have fun there!
aman23 said…
akxj, syuc is further than taylors.. so fuel makan lagi banyak if go to syuc LOL. kesian you la, everywhere you go you will say "its because we can drive" ahaha.. :p sabar sabar.. 3 bulan saje. :p
vpws said…
yen:ahaha.. yeah i agree wif u on dat...

but when i chose syuc earlier, a point from the list of advantages is that there's no influences like ASIACLUB.. lolx~ go college to STUDY lar! lolx~

haha that's true.. :P

ahaha i don't mind studying far.. more fun n experiences! :) hehehe~

but i don't agree with u on both colleges r the same.. although end results r based on self effort, there r still influences around from college, either by its crowd, lecturers, etc..

haha yeah, God planned it.. i think! :P lolx~ thanks dude! :) u have fun in syuc! haha~
Szchuah said…
bodohlar lu, syuclar!! hehe
vpws said…
HUBERT! wuahahaha! so long no c huh? lolx~ hahaha~ i paid for taylor's already lar~ u pay syuc for me? haha~
Jannah said…
random :

my chem teacher : "you only have one chance to make a first impression"

haha i never liked her from the start.

good luck dude
vpws said…
Jannah:hahahaha.. that's the first impression she made to you eh? :P lolx~

thanks! u too! :)

haha~ y sudd me the man? lolx~
-akxj- said…
well .. what i think is ..

actually for me .. taylors and syuc are so famous today for a reason,that they both offer quality education ..

and the surrounding matters quite alot, but if you can drive(aman: there i go again =/ ) and the distance is so near from asia club to syuc and if you have a bunch of friends that do the same.. the distraction wldnt differ too much as well

.in the end .. still depends on the student .. its always been that way for me =) ..

well .. of course other factors influence me and also other students.. the difference is how much it will influence =)

see me .. non taylors kid .. go ac like .. crazy =)
vpws said…
haha that's y i didn't put in the point "entertainment venues" in my list of influences.. lolx~

thx for ur POV anyway~
sha said… your own words vincent pang, "kerana nila setitik, hancur susu sebelanga" disgust me with your new 'costume'...

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