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Home Sweet Home


I just spent 3 days 3 nights last week, and 4 days 3 nights this week, in BANGKOK. I went there for two reasons, one, which is for a short vacation, and two, to visit my dad who is currently working there. That explains why my comeback has been delayed. =P

Anyway, Bangkok is a bloody great place to go. Apart from the beautiful temples, awe-inspiring pagodas, and enormous majestic statues, the people there are freaking down-to-earth nice too. So far for the record, I haven't face any rude or unpleasant customer service in their shopping malls. Speaking of shopping malls, their single Siam Paragon Shopping Complex puts our One Utama, The Curve, and Berjaya Times Square to shame.

Haha, I better stop bragging about how good Bangkok is, or else I'll be labelled "khianat terhadap negara". Haha~ Actually, deep down inside, I'm a real patriot. Yeah, you can now play your "Believe it or not" game.

Anyway, here comes the best part, PICTURES! Go ahead, indulge yourself! :)

While uploading the photos, I got lazy with the captions. Please forgive me. =P

I have exactly 23 days left to enjoy, before college starts.



aman23 said…
w00t i'm first!

haha welcome back man~~
vpws said…
w00t! the first and ONLY one.. *sob* :'(

hehe thanks dude~
roshan said…

im starting my PPL at LGK on 15th June!
vpws said…
haha hi there agn~ :)

oooh, kewl gila bapak.. that calls for a drinking session soon b4 u leave.. if that is ok wif ya~
roshan said…
obviously it's okay with me. i wanna go out with u guys too. plan plan plan! ermm, tmrw morning wan ar?
roshan said…
lets get as many as seo's exam is over too. so, he should be free. the more the better~!
aman23 said…
ah plan plan! how about tonight? or tomorrow night? or tomorrow morning? :D
Anonymous said…
tmrw morning will be good for me. cos i wanna go to pyramid right after that. :D
vpws said…
Haha no problem.. but if u wanna invite more ppl, we gotta have it not that soon bcoz it's kinda last minute to inform da others now..

so how?

hehehe~ find an organiser n off we go!
ryn said…
hey, you have new hair :D

okay, maybe that's only 'cos i haven't seen you in a while.
vpws said…
wow.. u can make it out from such a tiny picture.. not bad not bad..

ahaha, yeah, quite awhile huh? :P
Itscheryl said…
wah lovely picturess..
makes me wanna go to bangkok nowwwwww

can you pls post a huge one of you in the shark's mouth with teeths all around ? ahhaha
vpws said…
haha thanks alot! :)
yeah u should.. it's a nice place.. :)

hahahaha.. sure.. but why? :P
Itscheryl said…
ahhaha cause i'd like to see the detailsss
vpws said…
Haha don't want lar.. i SHY lar~ :P
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Itscheryl said…
hahaha why shy ? since when u know how to be shy ? kakakak
hey hey where is that shark mouth place in thailand ?
i was suppose to go bangkok early this year also but didnt make it... then also dunno where to visit..

underwater world ah
vpws said…
ahaha.. i'm ALWAYS shy 1 lar.. u juz dunno only.. :P
it's siam ocean world.. it's a nice place.. oh, u can ask me online, i can give u a few opinions on where to head over to.. :)
Anonymous said…
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