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Keputusan Semak Semula

Ummm, I've just received the reply letter from Malaysia Examinations Syndicate earlier today.
3 months ago, my father made me appeal for a recheck on my SPM results because he wasn't very satisfied (neither was I, but there was nothing much I can do about it; afterall, I tried my best, no?) - and the results are finally out.

RM250 gone down the drain just like that. I told him already that it was no use, but he didn't want to listen. Oh well..


aman23 said…
tough luck man.. but don't worry, you have A levels to redeem yourself! =)

(make that we...)
vpws said…
yeap, tough luck.. lolx~

yeah! i hope lar! :P ehehehe~

but at least ur SPM were MUCH better!
-KeNt- said…
hehehe.....can recheck one more time ar?
-akxj- said…
lol kent damn evil wei..

anyway ..

well,as you said ..your trials didnt back you up enough..its not the end of the world yet..once you enter college..ppl will ask ..what is SPM?

its very differnet in college =)
sugar_c0at3d said…

*thinking of what that 250 ringgit worth of money couldve been replaced with*.

Liz said…
my spm results were worse, but i didn't bother rechecking ... hehehe. never mind la at least you tried :D
vpws said…
-KeNt-:bloody asswipe, u gimme da money lar! hahahaha~ =P

lolx.. i know wat u mean.. but this is one of life's accomplishment in some sort.. no matter wat, it'll stick on ur back no matter where u go.. but oh well, wat's over is over.. to me it won't mean much, but to my parents, it meant alot.. X|

Yeap! can go shopping! hahahaha~ afterall, malaysia mega sale is around the corner! :P hehehe~

how bad could it be? haha, den i'll say the same thing to you, never mind la at least you tried :D cheers! =)
vpws said…
so u agreed? =P
-KeNt- said…
no no money adi..>.<...u know me the most..>.<..broke adi...>.<..recheck again la...maybe u'll get straight A this time
vpws said…
hahahahahaha.. go die lar! if can recheck agn, every1 will send in a recheck application until the kementerian gets du lan n send back straight A's rite?u lam em dou yeh izzit? so ez also kenot think of.. lolx~
-akxj- said…
lol ..

swt swt =) i just realised used the popup window for the comments..last time it wasnt this popup window right?

well .. for me,whats most important is what you think ..

well , maybe your parents arent too happy about it but life goes on =) score well in A lvls.. its not an easy job :D
vpws said…
Haha yeah, although I changed it for quite some time already.. that shows how long u haven't been to my blog/leave a comment..

haha~ i know that.. gonna try harder.. thanks!
Y.K. Chan said…
wah liaoz...they charge 50 bucks per subject if you want to recheck issit? *swt*
vpws said…
Y.K. Chan:
hahah yeah.. damn babi rite? grrrrrr..

anyway i think it's quite reasonable why they charge like that.. if it's too cheap, everyONE in malaysia will appeal for a recheck! lolx~
vpws said…
oh n i heard it's ur birthday today! lolx~ happy birthday dude! :)

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