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Counting Down

40 more hours before entering college! Excited I may sound, but deep inside I'm still feeling a little nervous. I can't believe it's already time for me to enter college, when it seems that I was still wearing the "white shirt & green pants" a month ago. Life's too short, don't you agree?

Anyway, last night I was working on editing/fixing a set of poor shots for Jin Li's modeling portfolio. An example of my work:

Not bad, eh? =P

Next morning's 3am match between France and Togo will determine France's ability to enter the Round of 16. Je soutiens la Les Bleus!


-akxj- said…
almost 39 more hours ..

i tot you were taking a nap? ahaha

anyway .. gj on the pic ..

france wont win ! =)

see usa and ghana? THEY LOST! ..ahahaa
vpws said…

haha yeah i was about too.. but blogging n bloghopping r more fun than taking a nap~ haha~


ish.. they will la! afterall, i can't say until they play.. which i will watch.. :P
aman23 said…
change france's coach and they will win the world cup. lol ~ :p

nice pic! who took it?

haha i can't wait to enter college too, but at the same time i don't want my honeymoon to end. ironic huh?
ryn said…
france won't win :p
vpws said…
aman23:haha.. yeah.. but then again, the frenchs r getting a little too old to play how they used to.. lolx~

lol thanks.. err.. michael.. but the picture was grainy with bad lightings etc etc.. =P

grrrrrrr! where u went just now!? haha, big surprise 2 c u wei! lolx~
ryn said…
vpws >
haha, read my blog :p you have a special mention.
vpws said…
juz only updated? lolx~ okok will head over there immediately! :)

joostis is joostis! fwance is fwance! =) lolx~
Itscheryl said…
ehehhe wanna be model photographer soon ahh =P
vpws said…
hahahaha nolar.. juz doing it as hobby.. photography lar.. not juz model stuffs.. :P wuahahaha~
~nGe~ said…
reasonably good photo, though I'd nitpick about the hand position, the screwed up skin tone on the face and distracting small grills. a reflector to very slightly fill in the left would be ideal too imo :P
vpws said…
oh nigel! haha~ long time no hear from u~ lol thanks for ur opinion~ ;P

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