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Of Seafood and Cake

Celebrated Fathers' Day in advance last evening at seafood restaurant opposite of Carey Island. It was also a farewell dinner for my dad as he's leaving for Bangkok this coming Wednesday.
His company is sending him there to head the engineering department of a new air cargo company for at least six months.

^View of the sunset from the place I sat.

^I wasn't able to take pictures of the dishes because my fingers were busy with the crabs, but I managed to make a snap after I cleaned up, when everything's gone.

We got back home right before Holland versus Serbia & Montenegro, and we had cake-cutting at half-time.

^Choc Mud Cake from Secret Recipe. Yummy~

Ahhh, I'm gonna miss my dad.

Will be heading down to Breakers in Desa Sri Hartamas for dinner later. According to Puvana, they're giving out free dinner from 8pm onwards in conjunction of the World Cup fever. This promotion started last Friday and ends today.

Yeah, I know it sounds too good to be true. Oh well, we'll see.


aman23 said…
holy, that looks.. uber mouth watering!
vpws said…
haha u mean da cake? :P yeah.. yummy! :P
aman23 said…
the cake and the food.. although you only took empty plates. <_< :p
vpws said…
hahahaha.. chill man.. one day we go makan seafood sama-sama.. not MFM style.. :P
aman23 said…
we only have a few weeks left. 2, to be exact. lol
sugar_c0at3d said…
i've been there before ;) the place opposite pulau carey .

yum yum seafood.
vpws said…
hahahaha~ yeah.. well, i do feel a little excited for college 2 start.. :) i bet i won't have this feeling after startin college for awhile.. :P

that place seems to b very famous.. they're normally out of crabs from 9 oclock onwards.. =P
ryn said…

looks sinfully delicious :(
vpws said…
hahaha.. y sinfully? da cake ain't evil, is it?

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