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Late Update

Just realized I didn't update for a couple of days already. Probably because I was too busy sparing my time for friends, family, and football. Add 2 hours of gym daily to the list too.

Two nights ago I was with the bunch catching 'The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift' at Cathay Cineleisure in Damansara. Ratings? Definitely a MUST-watch! Trust me on this one - for the sake of Japanese chicks and drifts from 350z, Silvia, Evo 9, Mustang, and RX8.

^Kent, Choy Hung, Adrian and I posing for a shot in the Gents. My sister was left out from the photography session for the obvious reason.

Weee~ France won. They've booked their place in Round 16, facing Spain in their first knock-out match this coming Wednesday. If they win, they'll have a clash with the Brazilians before entering the semi-finals. Ain't gonna be a smooth road for the French.

I spent the whole yesterday's afternoon with my family in KL for some back-to-start-of-college shopping. At night, we were loitering around Plaza Damas and Hartamas Shopping Centre.

^Then we had dinner at Flamin' J Restaurant.

Went to bed pretty early last night because I was all worn out for the day. Therefore, I would like to apologise to:
-Vinod Dave, for not able to attend your gathering party,
-Chun Jiat, for putting down your once in a blue moon yamcha offer,
-Adrian Kong, for FFK-ing our foosball session.

Before signing off, I'll make do some space for some publicity in favour of Reuben Kang:

Project O.M.G.

+ The Food Foundry, BG-8, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya
+ 24th, 25th June 2006 (Saturday, Sunday)
+ 7.30pm
+ Admission is free :)

This event will be a gathering of sorts, from poetry reading to singer-songwriters and indie filmmakers. Come, buy a couple of drinks (for the hungry the tom yam is excellent) and hang out with us.

For more information (and line-up), head on over to their site: omg! art series

Cute ol' Reuben Kang will be performing! Go support! LOL!


aman23 said…
no Mazda MX-5? hmph. a sin!

ah well, King Henry's the hero for France and Arsenal, as usual. ;)

haha, I also did some college shopping and did something that will make pigs fly. catch my blog later after I update it. :p
ryn said…
wooo, 2 hours of gym. so the next time i see you, you'll be looking buff and macho eh?
vpws said…
haha.. not really.. u wouldn't care about other concept cars when u're watching it.. afterall, mazda mx-5 is not specialised for drifting, which da movie is all about.. :P

yeah!! arsenal!!!! weeeeeee~

hahahaha! okie okie~ fast update!

hahaha.. i hope so! =)
-akxj- said…
.eheheh drifting cars are usually smaller =)

the evo dont really look nice when it drift also ..

i just like the 350zx(DK's and Hans car) and also the neela's car ..RX8.. 1.3 oni wei haahah

anyway .. you ffker ..too much ..dinner on you :D ahahah ..

have fun in college dude =) chao man ..
vpws said…
haha not smaller.. but lower.. :P

hahaha.. there's a reason y they put evo 9 in that movie.. go figure out urself.. ;)

hahaha~ MFM on u lar! :P

ok thanks dude.. gudluck on ur tests! chao~
aman23 said…
eh MX-5 not a concept la, it's a real roadster!

anyway the entry postponed, coz something big came up.. haha!
vpws said…
haha really? i tot it is.. :P sorry~

cheh~ let u go this time! haha~
aman23 said…
eh but i updated blog already. :D
vpws said…
haha yeah i headed there just now already~ =P

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