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What's Up with College?

Wow, only 2 days of college and I'm feeling all stressed-up already. Lets just say that college isn't how I expected it to be.

Well, other than having a little problem with the change of language (Bahasa to English terms), my brain's also all rusted thanks to the past 7 months on-vacation-mode. It will definitely take time for a lazy slow person like me to catch up with my subjects.

I'm in 0606PE12. Yeap, that's the name of my class. Weird huh? Oh, and my class is actually not that bad (at first I thought it was THAT bad) - apart from the fact that there are only 6 or 7 pairs of bosoms whilst the rest are with balls. I believe I can't expect more from a class on the pre-engineering stream.

Here's a view of my timetable:

^MAT: Mathematics
ECO: Economics
PHY: Physics
TKS: Thinking Skills
LAN: Moral Studies

I'm so glad I didn't take up Chemistry or Further Mathematics - for if I do, I will have to stay in college from 8am to 4pm everyday. That means HELL.

I think I'll stop here because I need to get my sleep. I'll have to make myself wake up at 3am later to catch a much anticipated match; France against Spain. Woohoo!

Before I end, a piece of advice for those entering the late intake for Cambridge 'A' Level programme this/next month (especially soon-to-be Sunway students); be prepared, be VERY prepared.


-akxj- said…
lol .. hating the college life?

hmm well least friday you finish early and wed you start a little late!

what a coincidence..

wed jin jacq no start late..i start even later ..:D eheheh ..we really shld make use of this coincidence and go out on tuesday! =)
aman23 said…
ah college..

omg only 6-7 girls? that must suck hard, unless all of them are hawt. =D

your schedule looks pretty loose there.. let's hope my further maths is not at 3-ish, or else i'll die. =\

omg now reading that statement, i'm freaking out. but still excited. :lol:
vpws said…
haha.. nope! it's still ok at da moment.. in fact, so far so good.. :P

hahahaha! i hope they won't change da timetable lor, since da schedule is so nice atm.. :P

but den my tuesday is like HELL.. so i'll b dead tired after classes.. juz like today~ luckily today not LAN only.. lolx~ u plan lor.. haha~

haha.. unless my foot lar.. :P haha~ takde la.. sob sob.. haha~

hahaha.. i'll pray for u dude.. wuakakakaka!

dun worry lar.. it isn't that bad.. gotta adapt fast in college only.. it's either u keep a low profile n adapt slow, or u become high profiler n adapt fast.. :P i'm on low profile atm.. haha~ sorry 2 freaking u out.. wuahahaha! i wanna c ur version of college life.. dis coming monday huh? hahaha! go go aman! :P
-KeNt- said…
hahaha...u animal..cannot hunt in ur class adi...=p
vpws said…
animal ur head lar! ahahaha~ i'm an innocent young boy ok!? lolx~
-KeNt- said…
okok...young innocent animal...=p..heheh...
sadomasochist said…
whoever said that college is a bed of roses? and what is with u loitering at asiacafe n club all the time? or is it that we have the same break? lol
vpws said…
-KeNt-:when i c u, u're gone lar! i still rmb u pinching me infront of mat kei.. so u watch out! grrrrr..

it should b for little boys like me.. hahaha~
ish, mana ada lepak? i'm not like u, ok? hahaha!
Clareen said…
what's wif Sunway? why why why?? I wana know
aman23 said…
i think i'll be low profile n adapt fast, lol. but before i adapt i think i duduk bawah shao's ketiak only LOL!

just kidding. :p
ryn said…
spain lost 3-1. ugh. still not over it.

college is that stressful?

i feel so happy mine's english to english terms. mostly :D
vpws said…
Clareen:huh? haha because i have quite a number of friends entering Sunway for CAL this coming monday.. so, i gotta warn them first.. haha!

lolx.. maybe it's gonna b a different story when u enter college.. ur pov is gonna change n all.. trust me.. it's different.. ALOT different.. haha~


yeap.. it definitely is.. haha~

cheh! that's y i'm looking through my sister's textbook for references.. lolx!

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