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After seven months long on holiday-mode since SPM ended in December 2005, I'm continuing my studies in a week time.

Yes, I've finally decided with:

Cambridge 'A' Level


The subjects I've selected are Physics, Mathematics, and Economics, and my classes will commence this coming 27th. Orientation Day will be a sunrise earlier.

My dad and I went to Taylor's College Open Day last morning to register for my intake.

^Before (Registration Form)

^& after (Enrolment Pack)

I'm feeling really excited for college, but I still hope for more time to enjoy myself before all the stress from homework and exams conquer me. Ironic.

Bah, I hate to make decisions. Especially when there're too many options around. Unlike primary or high school, you get HAVE to choose what you want to do and where you want to do it; and that includes not doing anything at all.

I like the good ol' days.


aman23 said…
who doesn't? haha.. but that's part of life.
jiat said…
omg. u taking econs?sure?i dropping econs in my 2nd semester adi..dam hard lah..what u wanna do next time?
vpws said…
aman23:Haha that's true.. Aih.. How good if we can get out reality.. lolx.. forgive me, i crap alot.. haha~

haha yeah very sure.. :) den i gotta try harder lor.. haha~ must b optimistic abit mar~ :) aviation.. :)
suzanne said…
i miss the good old days too during sch times =( anyway...good luck to u ahead!!
vpws said…
ehehe, yeah.. thanks alot! i really appreciate it! :)
jiat said…
wow. aviation?econs got nothing to do with it!but its okay..ur decision and ur point discouraging you anyway =P Anyhow u still can drop it before the 2nd semester if u dun like it..hehe. try try dulu la..vpws so pro right?nothing troubles him..a few game of foosball and he will be up and running again. Lol.
vpws said…
haha.. it has nothing to do with aviation n THAT'S THE POINT! hehe.. i just need a second link out of the field so i can always drop back to it in case of anything.. :) well prepared is the word! hahahaha~ :P

but even the GENIUS JIAT said it's hard, so i betta work MUCH MUCH harder lor.. :P

haha dun la say until my foosball that geng.. DAMN SUCK ok? hahaha~ gonna c u more often soon man! :) wuahahahaha!
sugar_c0at3d said…
goody luck vincent pang! :)
vpws said…
thanky you jannah! :)
yen said…
TCSJ roxx!
Cambridge Alevels too.
vpws said…
haha i hope it won't take its toll on me.. u be my sifu ok in case if i do miserably..
aman23 said…
ah well.. everyone wants a break from reality sometimes eh?
vpws said…
i think ur sentence is better constructed "everyone wants a break from reality most of the times eh?"

hahaha~ looks like i'll be starting college earlier than u! that's unfair! >< hahaha~
-akxj- said…
ah well .. wanted you to come to sunway 1 ..but taylors oso okay lah .. can meet up in asia oso =) ..

dont foos without me yeah? :D ahaha

good luck in taylors anyway =)
sadomasochist said…
economic rocks la..damn nice :)
vpws said…
haha ur first comment after MONTHS.. :P

yeah, true lar.. eh, look who's talking.. u la alwiz play at ur student centre.. hahaha~

thanks bro.. :)
vpws said…
rox eh? hehehehe.. ok i'll b looking forward to it now..

but then agn, isn't SAM n A Lvl diff? lolx~

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