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Gathering with Aman and Roshan

6th June 2006

The day started off pretty well. Amazingly, I managed to wake up early and reached Aman's house in-time. We did a last minute planning of a small gathering. Seo wasn't able to join us because he had this "hospital attachment" thingy.

Then, we departed to Sri Melur Mamak Restaurant in SS19 for breakfast. We met Adrian, Eu Jean, and Hsien Loong there too. They were there because they skipped their class in Sunway College. =P

^Roshan's always so busy with his phone. Tsk tsk tsk.

^Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of our breakfast before they're all gone. =/

After spending about almost an hour there, Roshan suggested that we catch the movie "The Omen 666".

^Upon arrival, a silhouette picture of the three of us.

^The humble transportation. =P

Regarding "The Omen 666", Aman and I shared the same point of view.
The Omen was a good catch, albeit a little slow moving. Not so many scary scenes but the storyline itself is freaky. I am not a fan of horror movies so it didn't really appeal to me at first, but it turned out alright in the end. I hope they remake the second and third movie. :D

-Aman of

We then had our lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. Honestly, it was my first time there-and everything was all good.

^The deciding and ordering process.

^The waiting process.

^My chocolate shake. Yum yum! Aman has the recipe! Go ask him! =P

^Fisherman's Fried Platter, shared by both Aman and I. Roshan didn't want to eat because he thinks he's fat not hungry. =P

^A quote from Aman, "Our gathering very muhibbah." =)

^We met Penny, Vee Lyn, and Farah along the way. Above is a picture of Penny and Aman having a little sweet talk while watching people ice-skate fall.

We walked around Sunway Pyramid until 3pm, and then we headed to Aman's house to chill and chat. Got back home around 6pm, and guess what happened after that?

I took a nap.

But somehow, I woke up at 10pm and off I went for another yamcha session with Kent, Adrian, and Eu Jyn. Finally reached home at 3:12am and here I am blogging. I have to try reducing the late-night-outings before I turn nocturnal again.

I have to get my sleep now. I have another reunion/gathering at Lien Chai's place at 1pm. Good night for now.


roshan said…
AMAN was having a sweet talk with Penny la, not me. lol. see the pic properly
aman23 said…
I think the last pic would be me. :p

OMG my hair during "the waiting process" pic looks HORRIBLE! I must never gel my long hair again. :(

LOL, the silhoutte picture looks.. er, cool. :p
PeNNyPupZ said…
yalah it was aman ler.. we were talking about the amount of ppl ice skating at the time.. crazyshit..
vpws said…
roshan:Hahaha kk sorry.. blur la at 5am.. ><

Haha, yeah, just realised.. :P

Haha, not that bad la dude.. u looked incredibly handsome la~ =P

Lolx~ i don't look good on the other pic, so i put up da silouette one instead~ :P

hahahahahahahaaaaha~ kkkk~ :P
aman23 said…
oh yeah, our breakfast was gone fast in just a matter of minutes lol!
vpws said…
hahahaha! damn freaking fast wei! lolx~
ryn said…
i was at pyramid too and i didn't see your incredibly muhibbah group.

i didn't notice how muhibbah it was till it was pointed out in your post :p

haha, keep the malaysian spirit alive ~
aman23 said…
i just realised that my "muhibbah" face looks ghey! lol. eh post the non silhoutte pic also lah. let the readers see your handsome face. :p
vpws said…
ryn:Haha, that means takde jodoh la.. hehe~

Hehehehe, of course! Malaysia BOLEH! wuakaka~

hahahaha~ mana ada ghey? hensem ader la! :P

dun wan!! =P *bluekz*
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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