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England VS Trinidad & Tobago

It was havoc when Peter Crouch headed in a last-minute first goal in the 83rd minute. Multiply the havoc twice when Steven Gerrard blasted a superb second into the top corner with his left foot 8 minutes later.

But in my opinion as a non-football-fanatic, the main highlight of the match happened on the 28th minute:

A painful moment for Yorke as he blocked a thundering shot by Steven Gerrard on the edge of the area with his midriff and had to leave the field briefly for treatment.

Get it?

If not, I'll give you a clearer picture (I drew but failed miserably) of the scene if you didn't catch the match:

@#$!%& Ouch! =P


sugar_c0at3d said…
wah. the new-age picasso!
-KeNt- said…
hahahahaha.....asshole joker...!!!!white shirt is me and red shirt is u...hahaha...german head...=p
ryn said…
omggg. you blogged about it? hahaha, i commented on it.

anyway, i know! that was a highlight for me too. i was laughing and laughing. enjoying his misery :D i didn't know it would be so painful if you got hit there!

did you hear the commentator? "and he got hit in his... michael BALLacks."

and later, yorke took some water, opened his pants a lil, and sprayed it. umm.
aman23 said…
ouch. and the fact that gerrard has one of the most powerful shots in football...

i'd be thankful if i can still erect.
vpws said…
HAHAHA.. where got so terror? :P

hahahaha.. u wait later when i c u! gonna molest u kau kau! hahaha~

lolx! really? hahaha~

ish, u terrible lar.. like to c ppl suffer only.. hehehe~ OF COZ it is! haha.. it reminds me of a scene in "She's the Man".. =P not sure if u've seen it~ :P hehe~

really? omg i must hav missed thAT.. damn!

hahaha.. i'll b thankful if my balls r still ROUND.. hahahaha! mungkin sudah jadi pancake.. =P
lolita said…
lol..yeah la he's back..wat kinda fren wor..tsk tsk tsk..he's back for the next 3 months..hehe
vpws said…
really?! do u have his contact? i wanna call him out! hahaha~
-KeNt- said…
don molest me la...>.<....ish...or i'll kill ur michael BALLack
vpws said…
hahaha.. babi lu.. u wait.. :P later at 8:45 ur balls sure die 1.. haha~

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