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of college tomorrow!

I wonder how is it gonna be like. I hope it wouldn't be too bad.


-akxj- said…
college oni ma ..

no worries ..

not like .. erm..start work right? =)

its fun at first .. but in awhile more .. its just a little better then school ..
aman23 said…
it will be fine! i'm excited already for mine! :p
vpws said…
-akxj-:haha of coz 2 u "college oni ma".. u're in college for how long already? lolx!

haha, start work was plain normal to me though.. :P

hmmmm.. i wan it 2 b like school.. at least if it's school i'll still have my influences arnd.. wuahaha! now i'm NOBODY! :P

haha fun leh? :P i sked tak boleh tido only in awhile more.. hahaha~
suzanne said…
haha..good wo....everything will be fine for ur 1st day of college geh~
-akxj- said…
.. =.= ..

well .. start work in .. proper work .. not those small potato job ? slowly exp lah =)
vpws said…
suzanne:hehe it wasn't that bad lar! :P lol. thanks for ur encouragement! :)

hahaha same lor~

huh explain wat wor?

boring mah study lor~ haha~
sadomasochist said…
oi..y u look diff wannnnnnn? was damn shocked to c u at asia today wei..u so chubby wubby..wakkaka
- adeLiNe - said…
slowly experiance ..

exp .. game oso got exp right ..gain exp ..means gain experiance :D
ryn said…
kesian, someone called you chubby wubby. hahaha.

so how was college? waiting for an update.
vpws said…
ahahaha different meh? u still looked the same.. lolx~ :P cis! chubby wubby pulak! haha~

- adeLiNe -:
haha yeap, juz like ur bro! so unfair, i wanna b like u, still enjoying highschool.. :(

ish.. hahaha.. u also chubby wubby lar.. look at ur link pic! hahahahaha~

stress lar.. dunno how to update also.. probably 2molo lar.. haha~

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