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I was doing my Pure Mathematics homework just moments ago. Running down with calculations and solving Math equations can be very frustrating, especially to low intelligence level people like me. I hate the fact that I'm slow, specifically when it comes to Math, more likely, secondary school Additional Mathematics.

Yes, I admit I went through alot just to pass my SPM Addmaths paper; and honestly I wasn't happy that not only did I passed the paper, I also received a credit in it. Why? It's because till this very moment where I'm sitting here typing this, I still can't believe that I actually achieved a C5, as I'm sure it's nothing else but pure luck. "Double" my luck that Pure Mathematics in college is a repetition of form 4 and form 5's Additional Mathematics in English.

I'm not even sure why I'm having all these trouble and problems on a subject practically almost everyone I know is really good at. I did almost everything I can to brush up, from extra revisions and exercises to receiving extra guides and help.

To conclude it all, probably I'm just plain stupid.


Speiss said…
probably it's because u were on holidays for 6 months... so, naturally u forget everything, what more something like addmath (which tends to get forgotten easily)

don't worry. it'll be fine.
yen said…
who's ur maths lecturer?
anyway, practice makes perfect. hehe. chill k, u can do it!
vpws said…
haha.. that's not only it.. addmath is the whole problem.. lolx~ thanks dude.. i appreciate it alot..

shoba.. another stuck-up teacher.. >< but she's alrite lar..
haha yeah thanks.. gotta work more on it.. :(
nigellwl said…
maybe u try to hard?? ~_^ i dunno .....i never maybe u ought to not listen to me here haha
vpws said…
lol.. y from nigel to nigellwl? :P haha~

lol.. any advice would b good.. :)
aman23 said…
dude, you're not stupid. just lack of practice. =) just get the right guidance and you'll do perfectly fine.
vpws said…
thanks dude, but no matter how hard i practise, in the end jugak tiada hasilnya.. right guidance? lol.. i don't c any.. coz i won't get any..
nigel said…
haha dunno .....i type that alot.......forums , usernames etc........too used to it @_@
aman23 said…
try and see.. maybe the way you're practicing is unsuited for you? it can affect alot in how much information your brain absorbs. try and find the best pattern for you and i think you can do it. =) all you need to have is determination and attitude!

.. gawd, i sound like an old man. haha!
Anonymous said…
give up maths for good ;P
vpws said…
hahahahaha! okok.. i didnt know that.. :P anyway y u dun wanna start a blog?

hahaha.. no u don't sound like an old man.. u sounded all wise n mature, n i'm thankful for that.. :)

i thought of doing so awhile ago..
huiwen said…
wow..haha.all the best to u leh..anyway..thats quite a long time din kacau u
vpws said…
hahaha.. yeah thanks! :P yalor, u bz mar.. haha~
thecw said…
alaa.. jk oni mah... vincent mana ade bodo!
vpws said…

u la! da initial cause to this emo post1 hahaha~ kdkd, nothin 2 do with that lar.. hahaha!

now chia wei bodo! wuakakakaka~

kdkd also.. ;) *hugs*
-KeNt- said…
i give u tuition la..=D..
vpws said…
haha u betta work out on ur own 1st lar.. haha~
-akxj- said…
chill la bro..

if you need help .. rmbr .. i'm here =)

we hentai so long adi .. i give you discount .. rm 5 per lesson :D .. eheh jk jk .. ask me la if you need help .. i think i'll be able to help =)
vpws said…
hahaha asswipe la u~ :P okie, i will.. in fact, i'll let u suffer also! wuakakaka~ thanks anyway bro, i really appreciate it! :)

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