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Realization 1..

Feeling : Physically Irritated, Mentally Worried, Emotionally Blur

Damn Moral papers weren't as easy as I thought. I screwed that paper up badly. At least Physics and EST weren't that bad.

Came home at had nothing to do, so I tried playing DOTA on my bloody lagging computer. I succeeded at the first game but not at the second.
Then I ended up sleeping next.

Just as I was lying in bed, many realizations passed my mind.
Although I'm relaxing on a comfortable bed feeling the evening breeze blown from the nearby window, I was sure I wasn't really that comfortable after all.
It's funny how STRESS can manipulate your feelings and thoughts at a particular moment. I am going through lots of stress this whole week and the previous.
    I'm sure it won't subside until I write the final full-stop on the last SPM exam paper.
The stress ended up resulting me with a growth of ulcer in my mouth, irritating sickness and multiple headaches. =(

^ Anyway, I received a pair of cool t-shirt from Carrere and Lyncia. It is the official t-shirt for the Gigabyte concert organized by the Youth Ambassadors of Asia, some Christianity group that's far from my belief. Thank you, girls.

Siau Yen sent me a few pictures last night. Just as I was browsing through, I saw a picture that caught my attention:

^ Melody and Siau Yen. I envy photogenic people. By the way, they are people who have made a difference in my life, and that's also another reason why their picture's over here. Not that I got horny or something. Haha~

Anyway, I think it's time to start my revision on History. There're BM 1 and History 2 to endure tomorrow. All the best to those still sitting their SPM trial papers.


LiJen said…
I love the shirt!!!! Aiyer...I want one!!
vpws said…
Haha~ U want? I try to ask my friends and see whether is there still any tshirt left.. pray for it okie? =)

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