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Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Careless, Emotionally Blur

Well, I spent the afternoon with a nap. Minus the two trips to send and pick my sister from her tuition in SS18.(which is at least 30mins to and fro per trip)

Had my History tuition from 8 till 9:30pm.
What happened after that?
C'mon, I can't live without my weekly dose of Crime Scene Investigation on TV. "Can't live" as in literally.
I do find an interest in forensic science although I partially dislike Chemistry.
Looks like I'll still stick with flying.

There's English essay paper late tomorrow morning. Looks like I'll spend the night in bed without worries. =)

Trial exams end next Monday. That's 5 more days. Can't wait.
Oh, and there's Mooncake and Lantern Festival this Sunday. An auspicious event for the Chinese.
I have plans lined up this weekend. In fact, I do have some clashing ones too. Will have to make some heavy decisions again. SO much for having fun. =(

By the way peeps, try Google Earth! It's like a globe that sits in your PC. You can point and zoom to any place in the planet that you want to explore. Cool huh? Check it out!
Anyway, if you zoom too close, you might just accidentally find the roof of your own house. That is only if you're able to find it. =P


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Keputusan Semak Semula

Ummm, I've just received the reply letter from Malaysia Examinations Syndicate earlier today.
3 months ago, my father made me appeal for a recheck on my SPM results because he wasn't very satisfied (neither was I, but there was nothing much I can do about it; afterall, I tried my best, no?) - and the results are finally out.

RM250 gone down the drain just like that. I told him already that it was no use, but he didn't want to listen. Oh well..

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