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At last..

Feeling : Physically Stressed, Mentally Hopeful, Emotionally Neutral

Goddamned History paper was pretty TOUGH. Of course with consideration of me not revising at all a night before.

Instead, I was actually working on the my blog to prepare it for publicity.
Slept no earlier than 2am. =.= (Yes please whack me)
I think it's about time to let the world know about my little secret hideout for my rants. (is there any?)
Don't ask me why I've decided to do so. I just don't know.

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is just one "chun-ted" car I can't get over with. I really hope I'll be able to own one.

^Click here for my reviews.

I have 5 hours of nothing-to-do until my tuition at 8pm.
Should I go out for a drink and some fresh air, or should I take a nap and have some rest?



val said…
Finally coming out of the closet? Haha.
vpws said…
haha.. yea.. but i'm creeping out slowly at the moment~ =P how much do u rate my blog anyway? =P

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