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Add Maths Angel..

Feeling : Physically Tired, Mentally Rushing, Emotionally Dull

Damn that English paper!!! Essays haven't been a problem to me all these while. How could they give 2 and a 1/4 hour for BM paper and 1 and 3/4 hour for English? Racism? =.=

Anyway, something really touching happened today.
Just after the final school bell rang, Daphne passed by and told me she's got something for me.
Guess what she wanted to give me?
    An Additional Mathematics revision book.
OMG, I received & held it in disbelief. It wasn't any of my expectations at all.
She was one of my peeps I asked to view by my blog last night. And according to her, the post "Add Maths just suck.." caught her attention. Being the best in Add Maths in the class, she made the decision to present me one of her many revision books.
She was reluctant and kinda objected me from posting an entry about it but I still did. I just can't express how much I appreciate it. Thank you Daphne.

Not forgetting to mention that a couple of my friends dreamt something about me. Is it a premonition or is it a good sign? Hmmm..

Bah~ Karate's in 10 minutes! I haven't even eaten my lunch yet! Will continue later. Tata~ =)


~nGe~ said…
its no premonition, u still suck at addmaths! haha, dont take that seriously k dude? just half kidding. =P Cheers, and keep plugging at it (addmaths) a week or two of hard work at it will do wonders (look at me). Best wishes!
vpws said…
haha no worries man.. i know where i stand.. lolz! yea working on it.. starting nex week! =P thanks for da "convincing" advice.. haha~ same 2 u~ =)
Anonymous said…
Excellent, love it! » »

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