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Trials over.. =)

Feeling : Physically Free, Mentally Relaxed, Emotionally Confused

Hmmm.. There's nothing much to blog about today.
Except that SPM trials are over. I feel so free and relaxed now.

The FINAL battle is still yet to come. And it's due not more than 2 months time.

"Jack of all trades, master of none."
It's still running through my head.
I prefer to get 5A's and 5D's rather than 10B's. =.=

I declare this week off from any form of studying.

I need a good night sleep.


nigel said…
U ?? FREE?? u gotta be kidding me haha
well see you around man ....
vpws said…
haha well, u're right.. had to organize some exams blessing thing this week.. damn! yea c ya around~
KwazEe V3e said…
u R smart ,vin.. n u R lazy.. or rather u r very bz wif things dat u shldnt b.. gud luck newayz. if it makes u feel btr, im not doing too well either.
vpws said…
atlantis princess:
ooh vee.. surprised to find u here! =)
haha i am huh? i know, i cut down alot of them already.. thanks alot dear.. same to u..

n y d'ya think that it will make me feel better? haha~ nvm, we'll work harder for SPM ok? trials is nothing rite vee?

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