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Lantern Festival.. 17th & 18th Sept

Feeling : Physically Exhausted, Mentally Lazy, Emotionally Lost

I'm feeling a little lazy to blog even though I have so much to say.
Let's start with what happened yesterday.

Saturday, 17th September 2005

Hmmm, my morning was spent in school. In fact it was one of the most memorable in my history of schooling days.
3 hours of PJ(aka PE, Physical Education) and the rest lazing in class was more than what a student like me would ask for. =P

^ First 1 and 1/2 hour we played basketball and the next we played futsal on the basketball court. Dumb Haravinth's idea, but it was fun though~ =P

^ Names of the lifeless peeps that went to school on that day. I was forced by Michael to write them with a stone on the basketball court grounds. Bugger.

^ Lazing in class. >.<

After school, we went for a couple of games at the cybercafe. Rushed back home and took a nap.

Remember the "clown thingy"? Yea, I did it.
Was it a success or a failure? Only other people can answer that, not me.
I do not know whether I've performed well, but I surely did gave my best. Lets hope I didn't disappoint anyone there.

^ Took this with my school friends before changing into the costume.

^ Boo! Yea, I know, I looked dumb. And guess what? I received names like Lucky the Clown, Googoo and Bubu. =.= Pretty weird.

^ Posing with one of the emcees, June.
Many more pictures can be found at Shih Mun's Multiply. Hehe~

After everything was over, we went to A&W for a drink. Had 2 regular glasses of Root Beer Float. Hey, I was thirsty ok!?

Went home and dozed off not long after that. What a day.

18th September 2005

Woke up early the afternoon to find my taste buds craving for some mooncakes.

^ Apart from the mooncake, the casing attracted my attention too!

Went for my last Biology intensive class today. Couldn't concentrate well though. Must be because I was too tired.
After the class, we played a few rounds of pool. I "tahpau-ed" Michael, Hsien Loong and Ken Meng. =P Go on, call me "SS" or "Lanci". I don't care~ =P
Oh, I bought some Glade thing for my car. And also 100 Sony CD-R's. Planned to reformat my computer soon.

After Summit, we went to Nanking Restaurant in Taipan to have dinner. There were 8 of us there. I ate Wat Tan Hor, Popiah and Beijing Szechuan Mee. I was really hungry because I didn't had proper lunch earlier.

We reached USJ5 field at 9pm. We set the place up to surprise Ley Yeem and Cheryl. We celebrated their be-earlied birthday with candles, lanterns, and mooncakes. Haha~
Once again, we had futsal in the basketball court. And once again, it was dumb Haravinth's idea. Haha~

Healthy lifestyle huh? =P I'll post the pictures when Shih Mun has uploaded them later.

There's English paper tomorrow. It's the last. Thank goodness.


suzanne said…
haha! ur clown picture is soooooo cuteeee >.< u should put 2 more red dot on ur cheek n tat will be moreeee cutteeee >.< HAHA! jk jk! congratulation to ya to complete the task ;p any the way..the mooncake casing is the same one at my home too >.< now mooncake casing is getting more modern n more attractive with alot creative design =D
vpws said…
ugly but adorable huh? haha! thanks alot though~ =)
haha yea mayb i should.. didn't know how to make up.. =(

thanks alot!

realli? haha~ yea dat's very true.. n not forgetting 2 mention dat da price is jumping sky high over the years too.. =/
Anonymous said…
good clowning dude, next time santa clauslar =p
szchuah said…
btw it is me , huberto, forgotten to put my name :P
vpws said…
Haha! yea thanks man! santa claus? i think i should retire from all these dressing up thingy.. haha! wah huberto? sejak bila nama tukar jadi kool? =P
nigel said…
haha u should keep that clown outfit with u ....its more suitable on you XD
.........yea yea this is spam
vpws said…
hehe~ but it's not mine~ =( hahaha! ish spammer! lolz~ but spammers make the world go round.. =P
nigel said…
huh?? not yours??go get 1 ....then u can be the party clown for every party ....i'll invite u dont worry haha XD
vpws said…
haha lazy lar dude~ told ya i'm retiring from this kind of activities! haha~ y don't u try? u might suit da job? we wouldn't know, would we? hahaha!

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