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Avianca Flight 052

I studied Moral yesterday.

That's something new isn't it? Memorized most of the values and their descriptions. I do not expect them to stay for long. =.=

Oh I washed my car at last after almost 6 weeks of accumulating dirt and dusts. With my sister's help of course!(Thank you Yaenn)
The MISTAKE was that we washed the car when there wasn't any sunlight. The result of the drops of water not dried up properly created hundreds of "polka-dots" stain all around the side windows, and front and back windshields. Gee, all the effort wasted.

Just finished watching Air Crash Investigations on National Geographic few minutes ago. This week's investigation was on Avianca Flight 052's crash in Cove Neck, New York. Details and story can be found here. It is incredible how just a mistake of ONE SENTENCE tranferred claimed dozens of innocent lives.

^A picture of the crash scene. Shown above is the broken tail and body of the plane just infront the lawn of a residential house.

I'm off to bed. I don't feel like going to school today. =(


vpws said…
yea.. lolz~ wanted to wash agn juz now but i was too lazy.. =P

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