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30th Aug = Merdeka's eve Part II

Feeling : Physically Aching, Mentally Uneasy, Emotionally Missing

Journal Entry of 30th August 2005.

We headed to Sunway Pyramid after Biology tuition. Michael, Shih Mun, Carrere and I.

I thought the traffic congestion will be very bad, but I was wrong. Amazingly, the road was quite clear.

Reached there an hour before Merdeka. Went to McDonald's because Michael and I haven't had our dinner yet.

We had our countdown just behind the mainstage. After viewing the spectacular firework performance, we spent the rest of the night(morning) at Qbar Garden.
Didn't really drink because I will be driving, Only had a couple glasses of Carlsberg. We left the place at 3am on Merdeka Day.

Dropped by Bavany's house for a couple of hours before heading back home.

Pictures will be up soon!

How enjoyable was the celebration? To me, not really. It's dull this year, the environment, the programme, the crowd, me. ("Me"? Refer to the previous post.)



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