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An all-rounder? *scratch head*

Feeling : Physically Aching, Mentally Enlightened, Emotionally Dull

Here I am again sitting infront of the computer with inspiration to blog.
You can't blame me for that, can you?

Anyway, History paper 1 wasn't that bad. I somehow managed to sleep half the time allocated.

Once again, I made a trip to the cybercafe after school. This time together with Edward and Puvana. Had a few surprisingly good games. You should've seen the faces of Edward and Puvana getting pissed over a defeat. The only sad part was, 9 bucks flew off my wallet again.

Later, I will be dropping over Dennis's place to retrieve the clown costume. Lets hope the costume is EXTRA funny so I'll just have to spend little energy being PLAIN funny. (Is there such thing? =S )

Earlier today, Sashvinder said a sentence that stroke and left me thinking till this very minute.
    "Jack of all trades, master of none."
That's what he said.
I've been trying to be an all-rounder all these while since I stepped into secondary grounds. But till now, I've not mastered or stand out in at least ONE thing yet.
I know that no one is perfect, but effort can be made to push yourself to the limit. To some, the sky is the limit, but to me, there are rockets that'll bring you above the skies. Get what I mean?

^Before I forget, I would like to wish Dorothy and Nizam a happy blessed birthday! Crap! I just realised I do not have Dorothy's photo. =.= By the way, the birthday boy is the one getting strangled! =)

Gosh, I'm home alone again. Siblings are at tuition now. This atmosphere will go on till the holidays start. So lonely..

There's no plan tonight. I might be going out for a drink with friends.
Did I mention there's school tomorrow? >.<


Anonymous said…
Excellent, love it! » » »

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