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Thank you..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Pissed, Emotionally Dull

Just had my week's dose of CSI. =P

School today was terrible. It was nothing more than a boring, dull, lame and tiring day. Worst of all, the feeling of tension and stress upon receiving our unsatisfied marks of certain papers.
In contrary, I feel quite happy today for getting a 64 for Modern Mathematics, a subject which I rarely pass over the high school years.

A weird conversation happened after the final school bell rang:

Kent : Vincent, wanna go dota anot later?
Sheela : Eh, don't ask him go lar. Let him study.
Daphne : Yalah! Vincent, don't go out. Stay at home and study addmaths!
Me : Err.. Errr... yea.. Haha! =D

Yeah, how often do you get friends who care about your studies?
I'm so fortunate to have such friends. I just can't express how I appreciate all the help channeled directly or indirectly. Thank you! You know who you are.

My eyelids are dropping. Good night for now.


nigel said…
sarcasm >.< i bet u went anyway......even if u didn't go.................u're sleeping !!!!
vpws said…
haha u're wrong man!
i went 2 da cafe, den i went home n i slept! haha! =P
nigel said…
LOL !!! u did both -_-''
vpws said…
haha apa swt swt? :S

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