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13 Days School Holiday!


I skipped school today and missed the joyous annoucement of a 13 days break for the form 5 students. So NO school till 11th October. Yay~

Looks like today is gonna be an unproductive day. I'll just sit here and plan something better to do.

Hey check this out!
Porn on Bed
Dumb Sashvinder sent me this. Idiot.


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ryn said…
omg. 13 days?! that is so unfair! form fives = lucky people.
-akxj- said…
... =) oo so my news was true..hey are everywhere now
vpws said…
haha yea! =) we're lucky, juz for a moment.. n soon we'll face our worst nightmare.. lolz~
good luck wif ur PMR ya! =)

yep.. =/
aman23 said…
ryn, crap u. where got lucky. our exam marks! and it's a well deserved break b4 our big exam :p
me n vpws are filled with regret in skipping school today lolz.
vpws said…
haha i know! *sarcastically*

nothing else matters:
i couldn't agree more!

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