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Mechanic? No-No!

I so do not want to be a mechanic. Working on a vehicle is just so confusing. I came up with that statement when I sent my car for its second service this afternoon.

After that, I spent RM11.50 at the cybercafe. I think that will be my last trip. I do not want to get addicted to it.
A waste of money and also a waste of time.
If I wasted them on my studies earlier, I might have already become one of the smartest kids around. =P

47 days left.

That's not very long more. It can just pass by without our realization. Tomorrow is a day that marks my very first footstep to a long and vigorous journey. Yes, I've promised myself to start tomorrow.

I'll need lots of luck too.


Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
-akxj- said…
eheheh still got spammer?you changed the settings?
thecw said…
okie! i shall start studyin 2morrow too!
ryn said…
ladeeda ~ nice blog urself =P
vpws said…
thank you! appreciate it! =)

lazy.. quite mahfan is want to post a comment.. =P afterall, they make ur blog not so lonely.. lolz!

huh? i tot u started already?! haha~ summore ur nick so semangated! lolz~ =P

owh thank you! =) i'll link ya! =)
thecw said…
hahaha i never was scared until it reached 49~
WOooo :'( dont leave me behind! huhuhu. ok! i shall start studyin 2nite! hoho~
thecw said…
whoops... *i was never scared **

english sooo cacat.. how lah 2 sit for SPM?
-akxj- said…
i canceled mine oso..i didnt knew when you set the thing you have to write the thingy..i dunno what you call that..confirmation code?it make it much harder for me to reply oso hahaha
vpws said…
haha same here! but mine was 47! =P i studied moral.. now i'm perfecting those subjects i'm confident of getting A.. afterall it's abt the number of A's rite? haha~
don't worry lar i know la ur eng keng lar~ :P

yea sumtin like dat.. but it keeps the spammers away~ =P hehe~
Anonymous said…
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