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A mission to accomplish..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Drifted, Emotionally Lost

For the second time in 5 years, I over-stretched my thigh muscles during Karate training. Does anyone out there know how to cure it? =/

Guess what?
During tuition, I received a call from Wei Tsung, a friend who is also a brother to me. He appointed me a "task" I've feared all these while.
The "name" of the job has been labeled as my attitude all these while by numerous Homo-sapiens.

What is it?
    Be a clown.
Yes, I'm not kidding. I'll be dressing up as a clown to entertain 100 over kids including orphans for two hours in SJBA this Saturday in conjunction with the Lantern Day festival.
I bet those "Homo-sapiens" must be laughing upon reading this. XD

At first I was thinking twice about accepting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The only reason why I was a little indecisive was the worried thoughts of what if I can not perform as good needed or up to their par? I obviously DO NOT want to disappoint the 100 kids neither do I want to let Wei Tsung down.
But other than that, I would really want to try the feeling of dressing up as a clown and making fun of yourself with silly gestures.

But somehow, my heart told me to just do it.

So I agreed.


Anonymous said…
Hi, I liked your blog its my first time here! If you are interested, go see my Tai Chi related site. Its purley for peoples health.

All the best John
vpws said…
this made me think again on using the "WORD VERIFICATION FOR COMMENTS" function. lolz~
Anonymous said…
clowns? woah..i wanna see..HAHA! anyway,like u it with ur heart n try ur very best n it will be the perfect one :D god bless!
Suzanne said…
Anonymous said...
clowns? woah..i wanna see..HAHA! anyway,like u it with ur heart n try ur very best n it will be the perfect one :D god bless!

by Suzanne

ps: duno how to post at 1st ;p
vpws said…
anonymous aka suzanne:
haha! i'll post da pics! hehe~ yeap, do it wif all my heart! hope i wont screw it up! thanks alot for ur advice! :)
tinylola said…
oh wow... tomolo??
lol I wanne go n see ;P
well, im sure you'll make those 100 kids laugh like they have never laughed b4 =D have faith in yourself
You'll make the best clown ever!! hehe ill be supporting you
xoxoameliaxoxo said…
oooo..gonna be there and see you on with thick 'makeup' lol..
thecw said…
haiyooo.. nonit laa.. hehe
you already look like one mah :D
sumore so entertaining. i like!
vpws said…
haha r you sure u wanna come n c? lolz!
haha i hope you're right! trying hard 2 hav faith in myself also~ lolz!

thanks alot lola.. really appreciate it! =) *hugz*
vpws said…
:+:amelia:+:da missing soul:+: :
haha too bad i was told not 2 use makeup.. coz i might b sweating n da makeup will run off.. hehe~

ish apa ini? should i take it as a compliment or an insult?
hahaha! thx anyway~ wuakaka~
thecw said…
hehe compliment or insult aso nvm lah! i still like :)
vpws said…
cis!! haha~ well, it didnt turn out pretty well actually.. i think~ =P

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