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I'm Addicted..

Feeling : Physically Sleepy, Mentally Excited, Emotionally Pale

DAMN the BM 2 paper! It drove me nuts. I wasn't prepared for it either. =.=

After school, Michael, Edward, Adrian, Kent, Puvana, Gautam and I went to Global SS15 for a few rounds of DOTA. An online game I started at home but then got addicted and started playing at cybercafes.

That explains why my wallet is always empty huh?
Anyway, we played 3 rounds and my team didn't win a round at all. =.=
Bad day.

At 6, I picked my mom's workers at her company to send them home. Was doing my mom a favour as she's attending a wedding dinner in Malacca with my siblings and father now.
I decided not to join them because I wanted to go for a Lantern Day party organized by BRATS and Hommies. But now I'm feeling a little too tired to even move a muscle.

I got lost in Shah Alam after sending my mom's workers back home. In total, I traveled an almost 45 whopping kilometers just in that district itself. Not forgetting to mention, the motorcyclists there are rude and dangerous. =( Damn~

I just received a new assignment from the Editor of my school's Editorial Board.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention.
I was offered to be in the Editorial Board a few days ago. I was automatically promoted to Head of Graphics Department.
Good news? Or bad? To me, I'm not sure myself.

I'm still indecisive whether to go for the Lantern Day thingy.



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