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Photobucket is giving me problems. Now I'm deciding whether or not to switch to ImageShack. Anyone has any better idea or suggestion of a picture hosting server/site?

Just a few tests on ImageShack's reliability:

^My sister just came back home not long ago with a bouquet of roses. She was out celebrating her one year anniversary with boyfriend. So schweet.

^Oh, and I haven't done this in awhile, have I?
By the way I just had a haircut - so no more Afroboy for the time being. =P

Although accessing Photobucket can be ass-aching, it's still more reliable than ImageShack which takes a much longer time in loading pictures.

The final conclusion? Nothing in this world comes in free and good at the same time. Bloody hell.


huiwen said…
bloody miang.hahaaa
-jing- said…
wat about
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
Miang!? What miang!?

-jing-: Alright thanks for your suggestion, will head on there right away! Hehe! ;)
aman23 said…
even when you pay, it's still not perfect. :p
vpws said…
Yeah that's true, but less people will be using because it involves money, and thus, the traffic won't be jam-packed. Agree? =P
Anonymous said…
they say flikr is good leh

vpws said…
Anonymous a.k.a. itscheryl:
Really? Haha will try it out thanks! Have been using imageshack lately though~ =P
Itscheryl said…
so imageshack..
i used it long ago ahhaa
and then later on i forgot wat happen..
all my images dissapear
oh ya now i remember
after it was full
i didnt go into that account anymore
and about half a year later they deleted my acccount

which leave my blog entrees of 3 years ago .. an image of "the image is no longer avaliable [imageshack logo]"

vpws said…
Haha I see I see, now you're making me worried. Haha, but then again, currently ImageShack has no album limit I think.
Crap. You have all my condolences. :(

*a moment of silence*
Itscheryl said…
haha i am still mad at them..

u are too kind =P
vpws said…
LOL, no wonder.. Well, look at my tagboard, my first case of ImageShack deficiency.. ><

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