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An MIA Update

First of all, I would like to thank all those whom comforted me about the loss of my phone. I really (yes, really) appreciate it.

I somehow managed to pester and bargain with my brother to lend me his Samsung X680 until the end of year - which I have about 4 months to save enough money to buy a new phone. I wonder if Sony Ericsson will release a brand new K850i by then.

Secondly, I would like to apologise for the short hiatus - which is about a week already? Dang! How time flies. Oh well, who cares anyway if I update or don't. I just don't feel motivated to blog without pictures, and almost all the images in my previous entries were actually taken on my beloved (and departed) camera-phone, which I lost exactly a week ago. I'm so sorry if I bore the hell out of you with an almost imageless post because photos are scarce without my K750i. =(

Tuesday, August 22, 2006.

At about 7pm, this was the day my phone got out of my sight once and for all. I met up with a few others later that night at Flam' Bar in Bangsar for a reunion with Mr. Russwell, an English teacher of Tutorial Lee Tuition Centre.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006.

Sam, Puvana and I spent the night clubbing at Thai Club in KL. Cheryl and Melissa, both Sam's friends, tagged my ride along the way. Made the night through with only a bottle of Jack Daniel's - generously given FOC by one of Sam's student whom owned the Jockey Service in Passion Club. Met Stephen there too, with a few other entertaining Kelantanese college-mates of his. Alcohol intolerable Puvana puked in my car; not exactly IN my car, but he puked out the window when he was in my car. Ewww, disgusting! XP

Friday, August 25, 2006.

Monash Street Party didn't turn out as good as expected. Probably it's the small and dull crowd that turned up - or probably because I woke up late from a nap and attended it when it was already reaching the end. Made my way there just to support the Candy Canes; some claimed "X-rated 1/2 Porno" dance group Nat's in. It was quite an emo-fying night and I don't feel like talking about it.

Saturday, August 26, 2006.

It's Valerie and Slinky's birthday! Happy belated birthday to them again! :)
I went shopping with dear sis at Sunway Pyramid and Subang Parade in the evening. It was quite a great shopping outing (although I only bought a couple of shirts) because we had a little more than just a normal siblings conversation. We emotionally chatted alot about love and life while sipping down the brain-freezing Starbucks Frappucino (and fags for me).

At night I had a shocking and terrorizing experience tagging Penny's ride to meet up with birthday boy Slinky and the rest at Chili's in One Utama. Try imagining sitting at the back of a car with a female driver whom was smoking with one hand, fixing her dropping top with the other, and navigating the steering wheels with her knees at 170km per hour. OMG, I was scared to death I tell you. Although it's a 2 litre engine Volvo, I am still not ready to die man. I still can't believe Vee Lyn who was in the front passenger seat was far more calm than me through out the horror ride.

^A picture of Vee Lyn and I (which is rare considering the amount of things we've been through together).
(Sister just walked pass and said, "Eeyer, kor kor looked like monkey!") -.-"
(Photo courtesy of Vee Lyn)

^Camshy meets camwhore. =P At last I met the infamous simpleCheryl, after a month of "ketakhadiran jodoh". Cheryl, it was a great pleasure meeting you in person! =)
(Photo courtesy of Cheryl)

After chilling with birthday boy Slinky at Chili's till the end of his birthDAY, we had a countdown for Cheryl's birthday too!

Sunday, August 27, 2006.

On the way back, luckily Asyraf took over the driving part, and unlike Penny, he brought the car to 200kmph without any scared-to-death feeling at all. The conclusion? Male drivers are ALWAYS better than female drivers.

We then had some shots of Johnie Walker's Black Label whiskey and pure Swiss Vodka at Penny's friend's party because heading to Asia Cafe for some foosball session with the same group in Chili's. Asyraf bumped over at my place that night(morning?).

At noon, we left my place to meet up with Shaz and the rest at Midvalley. I pleasureably met a few other bloggers and photogs (short-form for photographers) there too!

At night, I celebrated my sister's 15th birthday with the rest of the family whom have finally arrived from Bangkok in the evening! Now my house is as noisy as usual again. =P Before I forget, I would like to wish a very very happy belated birthday to Vanessa(sis), Cheryl(simple), and Sanjeve(childhood friend)!


The last two days were quite suffering for me, because I was down with a bad flu and sorethroat. Woke up this morning with multiple body aches and skipped college with a legal MC taken from my visit to the doctor this morning. Argh, so sorry Nat for cancelling Swensen's Earthquake tonight. =_=

I hope I'll be perfectly fine tomorrow, because it is the eve of our country's Independence Day, and to me, Merdeka eve equates have-fun-and-no-sleep-all-night! Terribly "patriotic", I know. =P


nigellwl said…
haha bullshit la u pang ...patriotic??u itchy say la
vpws said…
Haha what bullshit!? I'm a good patriotic boy ok? Hehehehe!
ryn said…
how come your k750i is like so freaking clear compared to other k750i's?! share your secret with me!

laa, good la you and your sis. call my brother to actually have a conversation with me which isn't shallow is impossible.
vpws said…
Hahaha because I got skills? :P Just kidding, hmmm, you need good lightings and good angles.. :)

Hahahaha the day will come, trust me.. :)

Yeah, woman drivers.. *shakes head*
Guestblogger said…
my oh my..

i finally got to meet you in person! haha..but *cough* someone *cough* was too busy talking to other people..

today is asyraf's birthday !
s!mplcheryl said…
oh yah..that guestblogger is me >.<
vpws said…
Guestblogger a.k.a. s!mplcheryl:
Hahahaha yeah, at last, even without the plan of meeting up and all! LOL! No I wasn't, you were too busy in your own world on your birthday la! It wasn't me! Hahahaha~

Yeah I know.. :P Hehehe! :)
Sandra White said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KwazEe V3e said…
FYI.. i wuznt calm... im juz dead used 2 d way she drives.. trust me I've tried screaming all d way to KLIA and BACK.. she didnt slow down.. and yes, at that time i wuz at d back seat wif my seatbelt strapped on. now i juz shaddup n pray quietly =)
vpws said…
KwazEe V3e:
Hahah but you looked REALLY calm la.. :P
Haha probably I'm still not used to the way she drives. Next time she must let me drive lah.. Scary wei, almost pee-d wei.. Hahaha!

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