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Warning, long update ahead!

Nightlife and college don't mix, that's the lesson I derived from experiences over the past 3 nights. I look like a panda now for the lack of sleep. o.O

First, I would like to thank all those who've shown their concern and condolences over my two days' series of unfortunate events. Fortunately, Wednesday onwards couldn't be any better.


The day started off very early for me on Wednesday although my first class scheduled much later in the morning. The intention was to collect my poor compounded car!

^My receipt of claim. RM134 down the drain like that.

At midday Penny and I went to Sunway Pyramid to buy Wilson's farewell gift. We got him a cranky ninja-icon t-shirt bearing the captions "Don't fuck with a ninja!" Something funny that suits him. =P

After buying all the wrapping materials, she dragged me in Sushi King. Ewwww, I don't favour raw food - what's more when it's sushi! But in the end, I concluded that there are a few nice dishes there worth trying.

^Like this one with sushi-wrapped friend chicken with mayo all over. Simply irresistable!

Oh by the way, do you know Sunway Pyramid have upgraded their toilet?

^OMG it's so darn freaking nice - and weird at the same time! =P

Late at night Nicholas and I went to find Wilson at QBar to drink and chill. We then went to Asia Club and played pool & foosball till 5am. It was the wrong thing to do because I had to wake up at 6:30am for college. Which I didn't manage to. ><

^Playing pool till the wee hours of the morning.


Thursday night I had the final clubbing session at Rush Club with dear ol' Wilson. Adrian tagged along that night. Don and Mei Xin were there too but they left early. That means the three of we were left with a full bottle of:

^all to ourselves.

We bottomed the Chivas and almost got wasted. But somehow we managed to pull ourselves back. I think I was much sober compared to the other two. Proof?

^After leaving the club, Wilson inserted his hard trance CD in my car's player, blasted the volume and bass, and started shuffling (with Adrian)! All that in the carpark! Hahahaha.

It was a great night; the music, the booze, the crowd (Ladies Night ;), most of all, the company.


After class on Friday, I went to One Utama to meet up with Wilson, Siau Yen, and Nicholas. We had to wait for the forever-late Natalia (;P) for lunch at JustThai. Then we camwhored.

^Nick, Will, and Nat. Not exactly 'we', I am camshy, remember?

At night, I gave Wilson boy the ride to KLIA. It's so sad to see him go. I'm not gay mind you. 6 years of friendship, 2 years of classmateship, 2 weeks of clubbingship, all that, physically ended here yesterday. Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, he'll always remain as one of the whackiest buds I've known, and the friendship will last a lifetime. I kept myself strong not to think about the past, because if nostalgia hits me, I'll definitely let out those unwanted tears.
Dude, I'm looking forward to see you again soon. Ring me up when you're back for a vacation or something alright?

^The final group picture at KLIA.

After leaving the airport, Penny dragged me to meet up with the forum-ers of at Syed Bistro. Not long after, we left and headed on to SS2 Murni for supper and yamcha with a few big-time bloggers. Some of those that I still remember (in no particular order): Slinky, Calvin, Kelz, Bryan Chin, Asyraf Lee, Jasiminne, Shaz, Penny, Ivan and more..

That's all for now. I wanna go for a drink. Where's Wilson? :'(

"You won't know what you've got till it's gone."


tinylola said…

Well, im sure Wilson will be back in no time to complete the next scene =) ( bloggers disallows me to use html ) ;(

And speaking of Sushi King, im not into those raw delicacy too, but u sure can find other mouth watering dishes =D~ try the soft shell crab handroll!!
vpws said…
i hope so too.. but by then, not sure if every1's gonna b around.. :(

oh thanks for the recommendation, although i'm not sure if i'm gonna step foot into another such restaurant again anytime soon.. lol~
Itscheryl said…
hahaha so silly... but i wanna go the sunway toilet now ! haha
vpws said…
lol wat's so silly?
hahahahaha go n try it out! ;)
ryn said…

and, i STILL don't believe you're camshy.
vpws said…
wanna stay in there? :P

i AM camshy! I WAS, I AM, N I WILL ALWAYS BE! :)
adecrazy said…
*agrees with Ryn*

I have to go check out the toilets some time soon.
vpws said…
hahahaha why does it seem that only the pyramid's toilet section of this post attracts my readers? lol~
Liz said…
aww so sweet... i think i'll cry if any of my good friends left =( though that's totally gonna happen ... *sigh*
aman23 said…
the toilet looks like a.. hotel room. =\

ah well.. seperations happen.. but i'm sure you guys will be meeting each other more often than you think you will. =)
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
Hahaha, at least you used the word SWEET instead of GAY.. LOL. :P Yeah, *sigh together with Liz*..

Haha yeah, it's so WEIRD right? :P

Hope so lah! BTW to think of it, maybe NO, cause it's kinda like potong stim right to suddenly see him again so soon after going through all the mixed feelings! LOL!
-akxj- said…
ahahah yeap .. you are ALOT more sober than me! =/

i was soo drunk ..ahah great night btw..

shit .. i didnt make it to wilson's farewell in klia =/
vpws said…

Yeah great night dude.. ;) Didn't get to shuffle properly though..

No worries, you didn't miss much though. Just sent him there, and he left not long after. :(

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