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It just came to my realisation that I've neglected the updates on Julia's belated birthday gathering which was celebrated a week ago at Magical Theatre Restaurant. Since picture speaks a thousand words, feast your eyes on these:

^The birthday girl and I. =)

^Julia and friends.

^Cake cutting session!

^Group pic!

Once again, happy blessed belated birthday, Julia! Hope you enjoyed yourself that night. I'll bring you out for dinner one fine day as your birthday treat okay? =)


Last night, I attended a small Tutorial Lee gathering cum Jian Pang's belated birthday celebration at Red Box Karaoke in Sunway Pyramid. Too bad I wasn't in the mood to snap photos around that night, so I'll have to wait for the others to either blog or send their set. Till then, you've got to wait for the pictures.

We left the place at about 1am, and instead of heading back home, Michael, Laura and I decided to make full use of this rare opportunity to hang-out since curfew wasn't in our dictionary that night/morning. Since college and school started, the three of us can rarely find time to catch up with each other. We toured around PJ and Subang Jaya, played pool and foosball, visited the cybercafe, and had late supper and breakfast - all that till 8am this morning!

^The early bird gets the worm. A beautiful view of birds hanging on the electrical wires infront of Tanjong Mamak Bistro in SS14 - where we had our early breakfast.

And we had a great time, didn't we?


2 days since Wilson left. The past 2 days were spent recalling and reminiscing the past. Went through my photo album and found these:

^The THEN 2003 Wilson Lee. Go on, laugh all you want.

^Sleepy. I kinda like this picture.

Penny and Mei Xin also have their version dedicated to dear ol' Wilson.

I'm outta here.


aman23 said…
you make the wilson tribute sound like an orbituary! =p
vpws said…
LOL! Not gonna talk about him anymore after this post! Wuahahaha!

I bet I'll write about you to this extend if you leave too! Hehe!
aman23 said…
you say wan ar? =p let's wait till i leave then, if i ever leave that is. =p
vpws said…
Yeah, don't leave, it's saddening.
aman23 said…
well if i don't leave, you'll leave.. so it's the same either way..

ah well let's not be emo, shall we? =)
vpws said…
Haha, yeah, that's quite certain. If I get accepted into SIA, I'll be dead. Cause it includes getting PR and all.

Yeah, lets keep it till the day it really happen? Hahaha!
lolita said…
my birthday dinner treat is on right..i'll remember about it..lolz..u ain't gonna run away from it..ekeke
vpws said…
What will you do if I run away from it? =P
lolita said…
huh what..lolzz..nah..i changed my mind now..
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
Changed your mind? As in?

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