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Looks like the series of unfortunate events hasn't END just yet. It seems that many of my friends' wishes "may tomorrow be a better day" didn't work that well, because today was another screwed up one.
Let's continue the count:

Skipped my first Math class of the day because I overslept - again.

I left my house at 9:50pm to make it for my next class, which was Physics at 11pm. It took me a bloody hour just to find a parking space. I had no choice but to park on a narrow land infront of the housing area between my college and a main road. By then, I was already late for 10 minutes, so I decided to just skip the entire period.

Had a few bad games of Warcraft (DotA) with my classmates. 4 times on random mode, 4 times sucky heroes. (Sorry, gaming language.)

(In relation to #6)
Not long after dismally leaving the cyber cafe, I was terribly shocked when it came to my realisation that my car wasn't where it's supposed to be. Just like you've guessed it, my poor little Perodua Kelisa was towed and compounded by the local City Council. How could residential areas be categorized "illegal" for parking? Afterall, I parked my car off the roads, without obstructing any traffic.

(The continuation of #8)
I then decided to just collect my car, pay the fine and then forget everything that has happened. I've had enough of unfortunate events happening after one another in such a short period of time. When I reached the MPSJ Depot for Compounded Vehicles, there was a big signboard bearing:
"Masa kutipan dan bayaran denda :
Dari pukul 9:00 pagi hingga 6:00 petang"
I then looked at the time; the short hand pointing at 6 and the long hand touching 2. 6:10pm.

^Can you see my poor car?

Why is God being so mean to me? =(


Victor Pang said…
Soo sad....soo sad....i fell so sad for u car not you
vpws said…
Victor Pang:
Ish, aren't you supposed to be in bed?
Kevin said…
LoL.. DotA la some more huh... told u be a good boy and go home study ( like me !! ) dowan listen rite? serves u rite! (jk la pity u seriously)
lolita said…
so kesian wor..don't worry..i pick u up larh tomolo k??ahaha..just kidding..take care fren..don't skip class so much lar u..summor go dota ><
vpws said…
Hahahaha, are you sure you went home to study? I'm sure once you reached home, the first thing you did was starting your computer, then clicking on the "Blueserver" icon right!? Hahahaha~

Thanks for your sympathy. LOL.
vpws said…
CIS! I thought you were sincere about giving me a ride to college. Sunddenly see, joking pulak.

Trying not to, and you too, don't skip classes so much okay? =P That one was LAN! =P
tinylola said…
awww, so sad
nevermind, we should go have a drink
its on me =D
hopefully everything would be just fine
vpws said…
Haha, doesn't have to be on you, it's on me alright? You still haven't change your number right?

Yeah, hopefully. Thanks.
Itscheryl said…
haha nope, but just to confirm,
ill give u a message =D
vpws said…
Itscheryl a.k.a. laura:
Wow, that's quite an instant reply. LOL. OK thanks! =)
ryn said…
oh my. poor vincent =(

okay, then may TOMORROW be a better day.

life's like this huh. sometimes it suddenly goes down to the dumps.
s!mp|e chery| said…
shit happens, next best thing u need to do is to pay up 2m, get yr baby back and 4get it ever happen
vpws said…
ryn:How about today? At the time you left this comment, it was already Wednesday. How am I supposed to live through another bad day? Somehow, I can smell that I'm going to have a rough one coming.

s!mp|e chery|:
Yeah, that's the right words, *shit happens*.. Not sure if I'll forget it though, since it's gonna leave a hole in my ATM card. =P
aman23 said…
holy. that's really bad man.

i'll say it again, may tomorrow be a better day. :)

but i won't skip a class if i were only 10 minutes late. =p
vpws said…
Yeah, pretty bad.

Hahaha, it was a good day though, so far, that is.

Oh, my college is different, my lecturer might even not let us in for being late, so I didn't dare to take any chances. =P
Anonymous said…
oh boy. Buddha loves you. You've sinned too much. Go do some charity.
vpws said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vpws said…
Hahaha probably? =P

Is spending less time outside the house charity? At least I'm giving the people extra oxygen at other places out there right?
Nigel said…
thats y i say public transport ...haha
1 . no need to waste time on parking
2 . no saman
3 . wont kena tarik
vpws said…
Hahaha. But I'll still go for own transport! =)
1. No need to waste time waiting for the bus, or even waiting to get to your specific station.
2. Not even a chance to get pick-pocketed/molested in a cramped transport.
3. Can tarik chick along.

Nigel said…
haha good luck lol if tomorrow something happen i really dunno what to say man lol
maybe god dont want u to tarik girls in the car la ...u do bad stuff in there haha ~_^ GOD KNOWS man GOD KNOWS lol u can lie to us but u cant lie to him hahaha :)
vpws said…
Tarik girls as in giving them a ride lah. You think I'm that horny? Haha, HE saw and agreed on my innocence! :)
Nigel said…
haha wonder y HE let ur kereta kena "tarik" lol
vpws said…
HE's probably jealous I'm more innocent than HIM? Wuahahaha!
Reuben W.J Kang said…
Kutuk the all might GOD...

He'll punish you by letting some
'tai yi long' accidently ter-spray your car with a huge $Dollar$ sign...
and then they'll tiba tiba realize...
oh fuck, wrong number plate...
vpws said…
Reuben W.J Kang:
Not kutuk, I was just asking a question. :P

Hahahahahahaha, you're always THE BIG JOKER lah. Deep respect for you man! =)
lol . everybody's so funny ;)
all bang vincent .
neway , i can assure you it's not GIRLS he's tarik-ing .
if you catch my drift !

heeeeee .
thecw said…
vpws said…
nat <33*:
Ish, yeah it's so unfair! Huh!? OI!! What's your drift, I don't understand! GRRRR~

Oi diam la u! :P

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