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Of Qbar and Petaling Street

Nicholas Lai's belated birthday celebration at Qbar was a little wild. 2 bottles of Black Label all majored to only 6 guys. I didn't get drunk, although I puked like mad. Probably because I forgot I haven't had my dinner and I drank a little too much that night.

^Our drinks. Sorry the place was too dark and my flash sucked.

Slept at 5am tipsy with neck and headaches but woke up at 11:55am in the morning feeling all fresh. Most of all, no hang-over! It's so weird, like WTF right?

Sent my sister to the airport at 2pm. She's going to Bangkok to meet up with my mom and bro who are already there since Friday. So it's only left to my other sister and me home-2lone (two people home-alone?) for the rest of the week.

At night, I met up with Penny at Baywatch. Then we headed down to KL to find a place to sit, chat, drink and eat. We ended up at the freaking filthy Petaling Street for some delicious Hokkien Mee. Can you believe that it was my first time there at night? By the way, it was a superb suggestion to choose Petaling Street because we saw:

^Fireworks display out of nowhere from Petaling Street


^Penny found SKL cigarettes (original lah~) in one of the shops! OMG!

Smoking is bad for health. Don't smoke. Learn to say TAK NAK! =P


vpws said…
Hahaha that is something RANDOM and NEW! LOL!

Yeah, TAK NAK roCOCK! =D Make sure I don't see you with a roCOCK! Hehehe!
aman23 said…
if you see me with a roCOCK means that's the day i will mati puCOCK!

ryn said…
... lol.

say tak nak la vincent!!!!
vpws said…
aman23:Hahaha! I beg your pardon? Mati pucuk or mati pokok? LOL!

I've been telling that to myself for toooooooo many times already. But, I dunno.. :(
ryn said…
you dunno???

what do you mean you dunno!
vpws said…
I just.. don't know.. It's controlling me already.. :(

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